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  1. yes there is a branch even in Iraq! Basta Sagada, they are the best (as in “bist”)! Ano pa? Aside from Limon Pie, anya pie, sino pie is bist?


  2. Oh my, lemon pie is MY FAVOURITE pudding, er desert…

    Gosh, I wish you were close by, I would order a year’s supply!

    When I go to Baguio next, I’ll look you up guys, promise!

  3. i am currently in sagada and i will visit the lemon pie house again. 🙂 mang joseph, andyan na ako. hehehe.

  4. based on my interview with the owner (joseph daoas), wala pa silang ibang branch. so yung sa sagada lang talaga ang kanilang lemon pie house. wala sa qc, makati, at wala sa iraq (maybe there is, but they have no connection with them). he has a brother from bontoc who is also thinking of making another branch, and they might change its name to “elena’s lemon pie house” in honor of their mother, elena daoas.

  5. wow!wish makapunta na akong sagada para naman i will have taste of that famous lemon pie…

  6. That Lemon Pie sure looks great with Pedlisan coffee. Believe Joseph is a kin to my late gambling and drinking buddy Narciso Daoas (Godbless his soul).

  7. sige, magbranch out naman sila sana para may itapat ang cordillera (esp. sagada) sa laguna buko pie, hihihi.
    makes me ask myself when we’ll gonna go back to sagada kaya…
    i’m thinking it should come great with the lemon grass tea as well. i don’t know about trublue’s pedlisan coffee eh. 🙂

  8. thanks for blogging it out. may 10% ba? he he he mukhang marami nang gustong bumili ah. katakamtakam naman kasi sa picture:) it would be good to taste it when we visit Sagada someday. di pa ako nakapunta dun eh. we almost went there pero kulang ang time namin noon. we were told that it will take hours from Baguio kaya di na kami pumunta.

    i almost asked din kung meron dito sa Manila:)

  9. Pardon my ignorance, but are there really lemons in Sagada? These are made from real lemons right?

    The only citrus fruits i know that grows in cordillera are lubbon and calamansi:(

    Or have I been away too long…

    Can you guys export it to us:)

  10. i think people should come to sagada first and try the lemon pie before the owner would think of making another branch elsewhere. i hope you guys will tell mang joseph that you found their blog site in the internet.

    i do not own the lemon pie house but i am a friend of the owner and i’ve helped them come up with the photos, video, and their blog. i hope you guys will patronize their lemon pie. let’s make the lemon pie house another added attraction to the sweet little town of sagada.

    ps. please do not forget to sign their guestbook. 🙂

  11. we have an announcement to make. please read about it in our blog. it’s about our soft launching on good friday.

  12. sige man mapadasan man nga mangan ti kasta. Its appearance is inviting my taste buds. ill have a taste of that once ill get to SAGADA. igorotak met ya 🙂

  13. Hi Tutubi,
    Unfortunately wala eh. Maybe you should go to Sagada hehe 🙂

    Hi Lubonkid,
    Hehe. Even in Iraq ha?

    Hi Anna,
    Hah, maybe you should go to Sagada too to have a taste of the pie. When do you plan to go to Baguio? Thanks.

    Hi Biyaheng,
    Thanks for alerting us on this and for the info 🙂

    Hi Djin,
    Maybe you should go after you graduate hehe 🙂

    Hi Arcibald,
    Yup. Yummy, no?

    Hi Trublue,
    Now that you mentioned it, I’ve been drinking Pidlisan coffee over the past month. Binili ko noong piyesta. Thanks.

    Hi Jane,
    Sana nga. Oy magaling din ang buko pie nila sa Nueva Vizcaya. I was surprised and I love it. Thanks.

    Hi Abella,
    Wala naman hehe. You really should visit the town and the lemon house pie 🙂

    Hi Imelda,
    Yup there’s lemon in Sagada, the big ones that turn yellow when ripe but only a few people have them. Then in the more recent years the lime was introduced, it’s a bit bigger than kalamansi but its mostly green too. I think they use this lime for lemon juice I’m not sure if they also use it for the lemon pie.

    Hehe. About time that you should come home to Cordi for a visit 🙂 Thanks.

    Hi Biyaheng,
    Thanks again. Nagiging famous na rin ang lemon pie sa internet dahil sa inyo hehe. Thanks.

    Hi sagada lemon pie,
    Thanks for the info. I think I will also blog about it. Good luck in your soft launching 🙂

    Hi Gina,
    Thanks. Looks good ano? Be sure to drop by the place whenever you’re in town 🙂

  14. it is confirmed. the lemon pie house will definitely have their soft launching on the 21st of march, friday at 5pm. if you are in sagada, make sure you don’t miss this. sagada local group, sagada institure of literature arts and documentation or SILAD will perform. entrance is free. you will see me there.

  15. We would like to thank all the people that supported us during the soft launching of the Lemon Pie House on the 21st of March, 2008.

    The Sagada Dap-Ayan Group, led by Robert Pangod, performed traditional songs, which were accompanied by ethnic instruments. It was the best day at the Lemon Pie House for Mang Joseph Daoas, owner of the pie shop.

  16. you ask someone to come to sagada and get them for you. hahaha. i’m sorry ellen, but mang joseph’s lemon pie is only available in sagada.

  17. Yes I love the taste of lemon pie. parang nasa France ka pag natikman mo? Sino ba yong foreigner dyan na parang igorot na rin? He can only speak the dialect. Wow naman? Astig! So proud to be igorot.

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