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  • Jackie Chan as an Igorot

    According to an artist’s perspective anyway. Click below to see the Inuit Jackie, the Scottish Jackie, and the real thing. Courtesy of

  • Si Morris et Damomo

    Si Morris et damomoSotsoten da i-idyanaSot sot ak ak sot. If I am not mistaken (and I may very well be wrong), this used to be the jeer/chant that Sagada boys use to taunt their fellow boys who are old enough to go to sleep in the dap-ay but who continue to sleep at home […]

  • Dear John in Heaven

    Dear John Denver,Thank you for your gift of music. I remember listening to you while riding the Skyland Bus from Sagada to Baguio. The bus conductor kept playing your songs over and over and yet over again. Maybe he didn’t have any other cassette tape to play. But maybe, and I think this is the […]

  • Funny Video: Pulitika

    This video is dedicated to all Cordillera politicians 🙂 VIDEO CREDIT: devilgol12.

  • Gloria’s SONA: A Report by Evil Bill Bilig

    The following report on Gloria’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) is an attempt by Bill Bilig’s evil twin a.k.a Evil Bill Bilig to be a cool kid. If you want to see if his report is reliable, you should visit Tingog, the Voice of the Filipino People which has the full version of the […]

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