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Halsema: Questions, Questions, and a Suggestion

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Now that that shameless, shameless plug from the Evil Bill Bilig is over and done with, let’s go back to one of one of our favorite blog topics, the Halsema Road. Because I’ve already yacked a lot about this much lamented (but nonetheless scenic) highway, I am stealing the ideas of our blogger friends (with their permission of course) and putting them here:

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The Bontoc Museum, Privacy Issues, and a Boon Award

Here’s an interesting video that you should watch. The first part contains footages taken at the Bontoc Museum and its artifacts of the past. The second part contains some footages of present-day Bontoc with its tricycles and all. It makes an interesting comparison between “then” and “now”. [UPDATE: Oops, as two of you pointed out, this really is not present-day Bontoc since the video must have been taken 20 to 25 years ago. Thanks for the correction Anonymouses 🙂 Our mistake, we should have known better. Cheers.]

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Roundup: Around the Boondocks

We haven’t been doing any roundup for sometime now so we think it’s high time to do it again. Here goes:

More Chris and Charlie: Remember our kailiyans who are in contention to become the “King of Filipino Migrant Workers in Korea? We blogged about them here. We hope that you followed Layad’s example and voted for either of the two here.

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