Fire in Kisad

Can you imagine what could have happened if the fire which gutted the driver’s seat above reached this truck’s fuel tank? Baguio would have an unimaginable disaster in its hands if the tank was full of gasoline.

Report from Richard Balonglong: (via Art Tibaldo)

A fuel delivery truck (plate # UKN 956), passing along Kisad Rd. Baguio City, caught fire inside the driver’s area. The fire started around 9:00 in the morning of February 29, 2008.

Six people were injured: Juanito Uy, the driver of the fuel delivery truck; his wife Rosalie Calibos who suffered 2nd degree burn; their two children — Samuel (4yrs old) and Jasmine Joy (1 yr and 4months old); the driver’s helper, Mr. Nathan; and a passerby Mr. Rodrigo Halog Salango.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

We hope that the victims of this tragedy will recover from the wounds they sustained. More photos after the jump. Don’t click if you are squeamish.

PHOTO CREDIT: Richard Balonglong

3 thoughts on “Fire in Kisad”

  1. andun ako sa operating room nung kinunan yan…wehehe…amoy pinikpikan ang ER trauma room ng BGH(probably because of the burned skin)…it could have been a real disaster if the contents of the LPG hauler was smitten by the fire…Grabe ang 2nd degree burn na natamo ng drayber, pahinante (Nathan) at misis ng drayber (shown in picture Rosalie with gauze all over her face), I interviewed the three victims and the driver and his wife at tinuro ang kanilang pahinante na diumano’y nagsindi ng lighter sabay bukas ng LPG na dala2x nila…ayon sa biktimang babae ay medyo depressed na ang kanilang pahinante nung kasama nila ito dahil may asawa na raw ang kanyang gelpren…Maraming salamat sa RR water delivery na siyang nagbuhos ng tubig (dahil dumaan sila sa area) sa lumalagablab na harapan ng LPG hauler at sa 911 on-call sa pagresponde at pagtulong sa mga biktima…

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