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Congratulations, Criminologists!

Congratulations to Kristen Joy Gonzales Pagud of the University of the Cordilleras (Baguio Colleges Foundation) for making it to the top with a rating of 87.90%.

Likewise, congratulations to the following schools too for making it to the list of “top performing schools”.

A. With 100 or more examinees:
Cordillera Career Development College, 63 of 104, 61 percent; University of Baguio, 61 of 100, 61 percent; PLT College Inc., 89 of 149, 60 percent; and University of La Sallete – Santiago, 61 of 108, 56 percent.

B. With 50-99 examinees:
Universidad de Manila (City College of Manila), 83 of 92, 90 percent; University of the Cordilleras (Baguio Colleges Foundation) 63 of 72, 88 percent; and Pangasinan College of Science and Technology, 52 of 69, 75 percent.

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Scrap Physical Education!

I’m not sure I’ll agree with a University of Baguio official’s proposal to scrap Rizal courses in college but I definitely agree with the proposal to scrap Physical Education. Seriously, I don’t see the relevance of PE as a general education subject. If someone wants to major in PE, then that’s well and good. But to require everyone to take PE courses is just a waste of time and resources.

I actually have a friend from our part of the world who refused to take PE in college. Well, she eventually took the PE classes but she was on her early 30s when she graduated. Eh paano ba naman pinadadamit ng leotard sa kanilang Rhythmics class? Tapos sasayaw pa sila sa Foundation Day?

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Civil Service Exam Results: Cordi Registers Highest Passing Rate

Congratulations to those who passed the Civil Service Exam last March 2008. The results were released this month and the Inquirer is reporting that our region recorded the highest passing rate (19.64%) which is ten percentage points higher than the national passing rate (9.99%). Not bad, boondock dwellers, not bad at all 🙂

For the list of CS Prof and Sub-Prof passers from the Cordilleras, here’s the link.

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Smart Schools in Ifugao

Remember the Smart School Program we first blogged about last year? Smart added Ifugao Provincial High School, Madella Comprehensive High School, Banaue Central School, and Lagawe Central School in the list of schools it is supporting in the Cordilleras. Actually, I’m not sure if Smart is still supporting the other schools it supported last year as we hoped it would but it’s good to know that it is now extending help to other Cordi areas as well.

The video shows the principals of the above schools talking about the Smart program’s positive impact on their students.

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