Kayan, Tadian: Typhoon Pepeng Casualty List

Let us offer our prayers for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Kayan, Tadian. The casualty list follows after the jump.

The letters and figures after the names denote the sex and the age of our kailiyans who perished in this tragedy. Our condolences to their families.

1. Albert Celino, M, 41
2. Roseni Celino, F, 39
3. Renya Celino, F, 5
4. Arjay Bansil, M, 6
5. Jason Bacsa, M, 16
6. Eliza Celino, F, 65
7. Regal Bansil, M, 13
8. Victor Balteng, M, 44
9. Resly”Balut” Bansil, M, 12
10. Florence Bantasan, F, 66
11. Beverly Pacyado, F, 19
12. Clever/Cribel Pacyado, M, 22
13. Christian Pacyado, M, 1.8
14. Baby Boy Pacyado (Chester), M, 1 mo.
15. Betty(Visitacion) Trinidad, F, 50
16. Reynaldo Trinidad, M, 65
17. Vanessa Trinidad, F, 9
18. Victorino Albing, M, 87
19. Felix Laging, M, 83
20. Lienden Rhee Quinto, M, 14
21. Marinet Bag-ay, F, 22
22. Reymart Bag-ay, M, 1.4
23. Dora Bantasan, F, 60
24. Benjamin Bantasan, M, 70
25. Lecio Mar Gao-ay, M, 33
26. Raymunda Gao-ay, F, 32
27. Kate Real Gao-ay, F, 10
28. Wencer (Girl) Gao-ay, G, 5
29. Syria Quinto, S, 39
30. Irish Pacyado, F, 14
31. Kahlil Quinto, M, 6
32. Kenny Quinto, 9
33. Frenchee Quinto, F, 5
34. Lydia Daweg, F, 65
35. Catalina (Taynan) Amoyen, F, 75

Note: Title changed to Typhoon Pepeng. We originally wrote Typhoon Ondoy which was a mistake. Thanks to Lulu for the correction.

24 thoughts on “Kayan, Tadian: Typhoon Pepeng Casualty List”

  1. Just going thru the names of the victims gave me goosebumps as most of them were certainly clustered as relatives and perishing at the same time in a horrible manner. Condolences to all their friends and relatives.

  2. This is my first post in blogosphere since son-in-law was confined at the ICU of the hospital he works as a ICU nurse. Kinda tricky but, yes, he was their patient for a grueling eight days in battling the dreaded Swine Flu.

    TB3 also had the virus but he’s a tough little igorot warrior and fighting with all his might even though he’s only 2 1/2 years old last saturday. I really wished it was me who had this virus instead of my grandson and all I ask is for his survival.

    Always thought Nana Mouskouri was a little bit younger but between her, Sarah Brightman, and Faith Hill singing Amazing Grace the best, for me it is a tie!

  3. I am from Masla, Mt. Province. I am shocked at the list of victims posted here. It gives me goosbumps everytime I though of these victims. I can’t recognize any of the names because I lived in Manila for the last 43 years. I can only pray for all of them everyday specially for their surviving families. Condolence to the bereaved families.

  4. I am from Masla, Mt. Province. I am shocked at the list of victims posted here. It gives me goosbumps everytime I thought of these victims. I can only pray for all of them everyday specially for their surviving families. Condolence to the bereaved families.

  5. I just want too say,condolence to the family of the victims even i’m not from kayan.But i love the place where i visiting before.It is time now too show ur love 2 one another & always put ur faith 2 our Father in heaven Jehovah.God Bless 2 all & d family of d victims.Matagotago Tako Kayet Amin.

  6. hello…people, especially those from Kaya, tadian..we should be thankful from the other people from the other barangays who (majority) are the rescuers during the tragedy happened to ur place.. i heard a certain scenario wherein a group of rescuers from a certain barangay were treated so coldly when they asked for food after an exhausting work (rescue and retrieval operation).. The people who were in charge of the food said that this group of rescuers from a certain barangay should fall in line after the line of the children who did nothing for the day..Guys, which is more important? “ung mga bata na wala namang nagawa? or ung mga rescuers na kulang na lang ibuwis nila ang kanilang buhay para tuylungan kaung mga taga-Kayan?”” This incident should leave a lesson to all of us, MOST ESPECIALLY sa inyong mga taga -KAYAN na kilala sa pagiging greedy, makasarili at madamot…kayo na nga ang ginawan ng pabor……..

  7. This is a response to a comment posted by a certain JIL last 11.05.09 at 5:59 am. You had the nerve to say such hurtful things to KAYAN residents when you can not even imagine the hurt and pain that everyone from there had to endure during those horrible times. Have you even lost a loved one from something as terrible as what happened to our BELOVED HOME? We did what we can, and we are thankful for all the help everyone had to offer. In your case, hindi ka na lang sana tumulong kung ganyan din lang. Reflect on yourself, before you talk. THINK A LOT FIRST. SANA LANG MANGYARI DIN SAYO YUN PARA MALAMAN MO KUNG PANO ANG NASA GANUNG SITWASYON. I really hope so. Saka kita sabihan na greedy ka, makasarili at madamot. HOW’D YOU LIKE THAT?!!!

  8. To a certain JIL who posted a comment on 11.05.09 at 5:59 am. You had the nerve to say such hurtful things to us TAGA-KAYAN when you can not even imagine the hurt, loss, and pain we had to go through during those horrible days. Just because your fellow Ka-Barangays were told to fall in line behind some kids for food??? come on, you’re pretty shallow if you ask me…1 of the lessons I learned from my TAGA-KAYAN folks is to always put the kids first. It is really rude of you to say such things. greedy? makasarili? madamot? how dare you. Have you even gone through half of what we had gone through during those days? We did what we can do, and we are eternally grateful for all the help that came to our aid. As for you, sana di ka na lang
    tumulong kung ganyan din lang…sana lang maranasan mo rin ang dinanas namin para alam mo, kung ano ang pakiramdam ng nasa ganung sitwasyon. I really hope so. Saka kita sabihan na you’re greedy, makasarili, at madamot. How would you like that?

  9. to resident: wow..may guts ka pa na magalit..
    well, i know very well na mas importante ang welfare ng kids and women before anyone else..but in such scenario, who do u prioritize ung mga taong gutom all the way excavating for cadavers or ung mga bata naman na nasa center who had all the comfort???
    sorry but i think nagagalit ka lang bcoz of the SO MUCH GUILT u feel right now…
    dapat naman sa ganyang mga times..ung mga nagluluto dapat walang tigil yan…
    ikaw?? if nanggaling ka sa exhausted work gaya ng retrieval operation (take note: u’r there to help) tapos u tend to eat to restore ur energy for another job tapos sasabihan KAYO na pumila kau dahil wala pang naluto wat do u feel???u feel grateful??oh come on…

  10. My Condolences to all the friends especially relatives of all the victims.,,..I know that no words could make you feel better nor ease your pains but we should still think that life must go on. We mourn, cry and grieve if that’s what will make us feel better but let’s remember that it’s not our tears and cries that they want. They need our prayers to be peaceful but they want to see us move on with our life to be happy wherever they are.
    To those who want to criticize,..pls. not now. These page are not created for you guys to fight but to give comfort and support to all our kababayans. I am from Supang, Sabangan and with f my kabarangays we hope and pray for the rehabilitation of the place and the for the strength and health of all the survivors and relatives of typhoons Ondoy and Reming. May the Lord God be with us ALL..

  11. To Jill. I was there. I lost people I love and care for. I was there during the excavation. I scourged the mud, picked up stones, did my part. I saw my own flesh and blood, being dug up, old and young alike, their bodies lifeless, filthy, and mutilated. I wiped the mud from their faces. I, like everyone else who lost someone that night, agonized. We couldn’t eat, or sleep much less think of what lies ahead. You, Were you there? Did you lose someone? What guilt are you talking about? Guilt over what? Putting the kids first in line for food over your fellow ka-barangay? For telling them to wait because the food isn’t ready? What were you there for? A Wine and Dine experience, where you expect to be served of your food the moment you show your EVER HELPFUL SELVES? It’s so simple. Food was gone so they cook again to accommodate people like you, and yet you can not even be bothered to wait for it? Just because you helped a little doesn’t give you a right to criticize us and throw such insults to us. You felt like you were a priority when you should be the ones to assist and understand. A scenario like this usually brings out the best of mankind. And it did, for most of what I’ve seen. And yet, of course, there is always one which negates it. The exception to the rule. You. What a shame. And even more shameful is the fact that you chose such a time for your negativity, and over such an issue so simple, it could not have been plainer. And sadly, at our expense. Easy prey for a limelight grabber like you. What a pathetic effort to hog attention. Pity…Should have spent your time and effort on something more productive. You would have saved us all these twaddle.

  12. To jil. What a shameful and disgusting thought you got for my kakailyan. Your comment is hurtful and uncalled for, sometimes there is what you called ‘keep it to yourself’. My beloved kakailyan had suffered an unimaginable tragedy yet there you are and whoever this grp of helpers have the nerve to slay us again just bcoz of ‘food’!!!! My family in Kayan who also did there share of helping out did not even once tried to eat whatever is being served of the nice thought for those visitors- for them to have enough to share.. share … after the hard work in the washout they get home to cook whatever they can find in the house, then back to the wsout area. Do you think faced with this horrible situation my kakailyan will have a thought of anyone else, yet alone think about food. Think again!!!! Whoever gave you this scenario went to kayan to offer help at their own accord and they should be proud of it. I thank them with all my heart and in be half of my kakailyan. We can not possibly repay all your kindness but The Heavenly God has His eyes wide open and will shower you all with abundance of Blessings! Enough of this negativity please!

  13. I am glad to know that a fellow child of Kayan has taken notice of the ugly words jil has been posting about us, I Kay-angs, during those horrible days of tragedy. I’m also relieved to know that we have the same views on the issue. It warms the heart to know that even in times like these, when all seems bleak from the unimaginable loss & despair the tragedy left, the people of Kayan can always be counted upon whether to unite and stand in defense of our beloved home, or to comfort each other as we try to pick up the debris of this tragedy and move on in life. It just shows that we are a people of integrity, and it makes me really proud to be an I Kay-ang.

    Once again, in behalf of my fellow kabarangay, we are sending our thanks to all who gave their help, in any form, from the start up until now as some of us are still recovering. We are indebted to you in ways we can never repay. May God shower His blessings on you.

    For those who feel like we have offended them during those times, I ask your forgiveness and understanding of the fact that those times are dark and painful times for us, and that whatever we did, we did for what we think is the best for that time, and we never intended to hurt anybody. For those hurdling painful words at us, I ask you to be compassionate enough to let us heal first. Please, not this time when everything is still so recent and fresh in memory and feeling. Be nice.

    Lastly, to those who, like me, have lost loved ones, I pray we may get through this. As impossible a task as it may seem right now, eventually, maybe in time, I know we will be able to move on. I pray that in the midst of our pain and losses, we find the strength to go on. May we be comforted in the thought that our loved ones are now in God’s embrace. May God Bless Us All.

  14. to resident and mjam and to all my kababayan in kayan, we have to move on, i know it’s easy to just say than to do it. what happened was only a challenge or an eye opening to all of us.

  15. peace on on earth hehehe!
    glad to see this blog is alive again! its been a year that i didn’t make any post! hehe

  16. peace on earth! hehehe

    good to see this blog is alive again! its been a year that i haven’t visited this site! matagu tagu tako amin!

  17. condolences to those family who were affected…
    i grew up in that place and i had never ever thought that the place will be wrecked…i just hope that the souls of the ondoy victims will be at peace….

  18. matago tago san ili tako ay kayan….
    nay adi tako ekspektaren ay ma iyat di san ili tako
    manbibinadang tako ta mabiyag kasin san ili tako….
    dawaten tako ken apo ay kabunyan ta napaspas koma san progresso di tulong san ili tako….

  19. i was browsing over some pictures about Edward Burke’s definition of sublime and i stumbled upon this site.I am also from kayan, though was not hailed from there and I pary for those souls who departed from the tragedy..i read the comments of this certain Jill, and that’s just stupid! kung makikikain ka na lang din, hwag ka ng tumulong!
    God! everybody’s minds were rattled that time, everyone who was in misery was not in their right mind para mag asikaso pa ng “bisita”…

  20. After more than a year after the tragedy, I got this chance to read all comments and viewed all documentaries, articles and many more about the sad event, for the first time. As I am pressing this keyboard I can’t control the tears that flow from the eyes. We as a family are very grateful for every soul who made us feel cared,loved, and not completely abandoned. Those who nursed us and our beloveds during our greatest predicament, our endless gratitude. We wish to thank all who journeyed with us, with much prayers that God will reward you with good health, protection, and more blessings. As we continue to pray and thank God for all the manifestations of Grace and Love, we rise…and still on the journey of rising…healing our wounds… the pain…. and the little cross we still carry with us ….with the people who dare walk with us. Thank you so much.

  21. condelence to all appected,hawak kamay tayong lahat para sa pang asa uli,magsimula uli tayo at faith ang kasama sa pangbangon mabuhay kakailyan nga kayan im from banaao tadian,God always with us,STAY STRONG KAKAILYAN

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