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  • Apayao Girl Takes First Steps in New York

    One of those feel good stories that can reverse a bad day. It raises a question about health care in the Philippines but, in honor of Willie Nelson, let’s accentuate the positive :-). Go, Jingle! From the Associated Press via Inquirer:

  • Panagwawagi: An Isneg Celebration

    It’s a bit of a challenge to find news stories written about our Isneg brothers and sisters as well as stories on the Cordillera boundary towns so I’m thrilled when I came across this story by Floy Quintos.

  • Kabugao, Apayao


  • An Apayao Beauty

  • How Apayao Got Its Name

    Apparently, it’s because of some misunderstanding. From Deped CAR: According to a legend, Apayao is derived from the combination from the Ilocano word “Apay” meaning “Why” and Tagalog word “Ayaw” meaning “Don’t like”, the legend tells of an Ilocano and Tagalog who accidentally met in one forest of the province. The Ilocano ask, “Apay adaka […]

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