We are Moving… Kind of

Hello everyone. Starting today, our updates on the Cordilleras and its peoples will be published at Kaigorotan.com which will be our home for anything/everything that has something to do with the Cordilleras.

However, we will continue to post here in From the Boondocks but the entries will be the personal stuff like the memes that we should have done but still haven’t (sorry for those who tagged us), our rantings against Gloria and her factotums, our take on things happening outside the boondocks, and the sponsored posts that some of you might be wondering about (Answer: Blogging is fun, but we need cash to keep blogging.)

As we stated in an earlier post, the original plan is to maintain From the Boondocks as the blog where we talk about us Igorots/iCordilleras and that we will do our anti-Gloria thing at Kaigorotan.com. However, after weeks of practice, it just didn’t feel right. Neither did it make sense. (He he.)

Mostly, I feel uncomfortable bashing Gloria and pushing for my personal advocacies in a site that calls itself Kaigorotan.com. You know, if my high school teacher would read it, she would say, “Aped mo kanan en kaigorotan.com dat aped puro anti-Gloria nan wada ay nakasulat. Ay sigurado ka ay sha’y nemnem di Kaigorotan/Cordilleras sa?”

Or in English, “You call it kaigorotan.com and yet all you have are anti-Gloria posts. Are you sure that that truly represents Kaigorotan/the Cordilleras?”

To be honest, I don’t know. And I doubt that it does. I hope that Kaigorotan/the Cordilleras is anti-Gloria (or would at least want to hold her accountable for her misdeeds) but this is not the case.

So I decided to switch the focus of the two blogs. Kaigorotan.com will be our new home for everything about the Cordilleras (but we will do some Gloria posts every now and then) while From the Boondocks will be for all the other stuff mentioned above.

So head over to our new blog for our most recent Cordillera updates. Here are the links:

SEA Games Medalists
Ifugao: Photo of the Day
Update on Padi Rex Reyes
Update on Jaylord Langbayan

Okidok. Thanks again to all of you. Do continue to also visit this blog.

P.S. Blogger friends, ilink naman ninyo yung kaigorotan.com. Hehe. Thanks.

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