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New Domain Name:

Maybe some of you noticed our blog’s new domain name, eh? It’s courtesy of Tina of My Good Finds. She actually reserved it a year ago and thankfully maintained it as I dilly-dallied whether to use the domain or not. Thanks Tina for the free registration :-). [You actually shamed me to blog here more often hehehe.]

If you have a link to the old domain name, it should be automatically redirected to this new domain. But I would appreciate it if you change the URL address so our new domain will have some incoming links. Thanks.

All Quiet on the Boondock Front … But Not on the Olympics Front

My apologies, it’s been so quiet here. But I’ve been busy at our Olympics blog which is where I’m camping out while the Olympic Games is ongoing.

Do join me there if you’re into Olympic hotties [got to do it coz people are looking for it hehe], American crybabies, the art of Olympic hugging, and other silly stuff. We do also get serious sometimes and talk about things like how much money Olympians make.

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Meet Another Igorot Blogger

My good friend Gina Dizon finally opened a blog of her own, Travel and Events. She’s not actually new to blogging because she’s been administering the Northern Philippine Times blog but this is her first personal blogging venture. Her first two entries, which I recommend you read, tackles how gong-playing can bring us together and tourist arrivals in Sagada.

I’ve long enjoyed numerous conversations with Gina so I’m really glad that she’s bringing her insights to the blogosphere. Let’s welcome her and i-link na rin natin ang kanyang blog 🙂

Blog Quick Links: 03 May 2008

My apologies for the very infrequent posts. I’ve been busy and continue to be busy with some projects I have to do. In the meantime, here are some links which are worth visiting.

* Check out the Blog of the Sagada Igorot. His reaction to an Inquirer article about Sagada’s “takba” mirrored my reaction when I first read the Inquirer story. Methinks the source of the writer, if he did interview a source, was pulling the poor writer’s leg. Anyways, read the Sagada-Igorot’s post here.

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