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Killer Typhoon in the Cordilleras

Our condolences to the families of the victims.

‘Karen’ leaves 6 dead in Cordillera
Jane Cadalig/Sunstar

SIX persons died and one was injured in various areas of the region at the height of typhoon Karen (Nuri) on Wednesday, the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) reported.

Four persons, including three kids in Benguet and one woman in Baguio, were buried in mudslides caused by the heavy downpour. The casualty in Abra was pinned down by a fallen tree.

Those killed were identified as siblings Mark Anthony, one year old; Lester, three years old; and Alvin Somera, 10 years old, all of 1st Gate Antamok, Ucab, Itogon.

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Links to Our Other Home

Here’s a collection of links to our latest posts at

* Kalinga Governor Floydelia Diasen reports on her first 100 days in office here.

* Gina Dizon shares her thoughts on the results of a recent mock plebiscite which reveals that four in ten iCordilleras (40%) do not know what autonomy is. I guess I’m included in that group of people.

* The Baguio flyover finally opens sans Gloria Her Highness.

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Roundup: News From the Boondocks

►A five minute hailstorm in Baguio indicates a long dry spell according to an official of the government’s weather bureau. [Nordis]

► is looking for the best and the worst mayor of Abra. Click here to nominate who you think deserves the honor (or dishonor). []

►A newly constructed bridge in Abra is now named after Chito Bersamin, the province’s Congressman who was assassinated a year ago. []

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