Major Dennis Molintas Sr: A Gallant Igorot

We hope you already read our post about “those gallant Igorots” during World War II. And that you also watched the video documentary about some of these Igorot heroes. We plead guilty to prematurely judging the video but we don’t feel too bad (maybe just a bit hehe) because our critique prompted its producers to come to its defense and so we got to learn that the documentary is really more about the 66th Infantry Battalion.

Now, why are we digging back those old posts? Well it’s because they are related to this story about Major Dennis Molintas, Sr. — an Igorot World War II hero and the man who headed the 66th Infantry Battalion. Thanks to our good friend, Danilova Molintas for sharing this article with us.

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FtB Lister Macliing Dulag: In Good Company

Here’s a picture of The Wall where Macli-ing Dulag’s name is inscribed along with the names of other Filipino heroes and martyrs. The Wall of Remembrance (located at EDSA corner Quezon Avenue in Quezon City) seeks to honor those who were brave enough to confront the Marcos dictatorship when most Filipinos were saying, “Hallelujah Marcos. You are the savior of the country.”

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