The Caretaker?

What’s this “caretaker” nonsense that people in Mt. Province are talking about? According to this report, following the demise of Mt. Province Rep. Victor Dominguez, some Mt. Province leaders have passed a resolution tasking Baguio Rep. Mauricio Domogan to be the province’s “caretaker”.

The report also states that the Dominguez clan “prefers someone who comes from the same party where the late lawmaker is affiliated” to be appointed.

Now is Mt. Province so poor in human resources that it has to look outside for a “caretaker”? How pathetic are we? I can’t imagine leaders of Kalinga, Ifugao, and the other Cordi provinces asking an outsider to be their “caretaker”. Seriously!

At the same time, huwag naman silang mag-appoint ng relative ng dating Congressman to be the “caretaker”.

But all these talks of appointing a “caretaker” is silly because if I understand this law correctly, there is no such thing as a “caretaker”.

Instead, what the law provides in case of a permanent vacancy in Congress is for the holding of a special election “not earlier than sixty (60) days nor longer than ninety (90) days after the occurrence of the vacancy”. Iyan dapat ang tutukan ng mga nasabing Mt. Province leaders. (Note: I stand corrected if you can find a provision of law that provides for the appointment of a “caretaker”.)

Instead of asking Rep. Domogan to be their “caretaker”, what said Mt. Province “leaders” should do is to ask the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to immediately schedule a special election to fill the seat vacated by Rep. Dominguez.

There is no money for a special election? Then they should lobby Gloria and Congress to provide the money. Diyan masusubukan kung talagang malakas sila kay Gloria.

Domogan willing to be caretaker of Mt. Province
By Rimaliza Opiña/Sunstar Baguio

LET House Speaker Prospero Nograles decide whom he will appoint as “caretaker” of Mountain Province, pending election of a new congressman.

Several leaders at Mountain Province earlier passed a resolution tasking Baguio Representative Mauricio Domogan to be the province’s overseer, until Congress passes a budget for the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to call for a special election.

While local leaders may have chosen whoever they want to represent them in Congress, Domogan said a factor to consider is party affiliation.

The late Mountain Province Representative Victor Dominguez belonged to the Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (Kampi). Domogan on the other hand belongs to the Lakas party.

The Dominguez clan reportedly prefers someone who comes from the same party where the late lawmaker is affiliated.

Domogan said he never asked to be delegated as caretaker and was not consulted when the resolution was passed. He, however, said if Nograles appoints him as Mountain Province caretaker, he would accept.

During the wake of the late Dominguez, reports surfaced that Domogan was pushing for his appointment as Mountain Province caretaker.

Domogan said no influencing occurred. Right after the resolution was passed, he said he talked to the signatories and told them to consult and get the consent of the Dominguez family.

“I do not have any quarrel with them,” Domogan stressed, adding he will not receive any salary or be allowed to disburse Dominguez’s Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

“It is an added responsibility, which I will accept if the Speaker appoints me,” he said.

In the meantime, Mountain Province Governor Maximo Dalog is being eyed as candidate to replace Dominguez, in case special elections were held.

Sources close to the governor said Dalog has been asked to run for the position, which Dominguez vacated.

14 thoughts on “The Caretaker?”

  1. Just musing…

    Bakit in previous news, Dalog was mentioned as one of those pushing for Domogan’s appointment? ANSWER: Because if an election is held and someone else (not Dalog)wins, then that someone will have time and money to prepare for the next elections which Dalog is eyeing after his term as Governor. To have a caretaker means Dalog will have better chances against a fresh congressional candidate. With a caretaker, the incumbent Governor as highest provincial official will have some “say” on where the remaining PDF of the late Dominguez will go. To have a “say” means…amoyo daytan kakabsat!

    Why is Domogan willing to be caretaker..even awan “hold” na ti remaining PDF ni late Dominguez? ANSWER: dakayo metten ti aganser don’t have to use a flyover to be able to have a better view no apay…..sige sungbatan yo.

  2. So, ConDom is “willing”? He should not be even entertaining it. He has a job to do as the Congressman of Baguio. Ay sus malyoosipen aya ti fooliticians tayo.

  3. Rep. Dangwa skipped Rep. Domogan despite the latter being the region’s party boss and instead suggested Rep. Chungalao to act as caretaker until a new Mountain Province representative shall have been elected. According to the Dangwa, it was Chungalao’s youth that qualifies him but, hey, that’s not the real reason. It is simple: adu ti na-uma’n. Na-uma iti anya? Na-uma iti siacino? Ken anya dagiti makagapu apay a na-uma da? Well, GAGAYYEM, you know the answer; you are not too blunt that you do not know it.

  4. Congressman Mauricio Domogan would always want to be Mountain Province’s caretaker. His political future may lie in this province, for his time in Baguio is already done. Currently, he is supporting Senator Pimentel’s call for a constitutional change that would pave the way for a federal system of government. This would mean one senator for each region, and he would want to be the first.

    Without big backing from Baguio voters-he already demeaned his name there-it would be a bit difficult for him to become Cordillera senator: the rich one in Apayao might win, or a bandit in Abra, or who knows who will. If federalism is the future, then he better get hold of more followers and, thus, he needs to run a good PR campaign around the region. To add up to his loyalists in Baguio, he needs to seek approval from voters up north, and now is the perfect time.

  5. all i can say is a sarcastic Hahahaha! if the leaders of MP will let someone be a caretaker! nakakahiya naman sa buong Pinas yata yan! parang walang ibang pwedeng maging leader! and whats the use of the LAW if we will not implement it!…. agpayso ta kunan daita maisa nga kailyan nga awan ti LAW nga “caretaker”!!!! ken ni Domogan paylang nga Baguio tupay ket ado anumalya na… inayon u pay ti MP nga manayunan ton t ado en nga anumalya nga napalabas…. lets help hand in hand to push the election the position!!!!

    yup! mr/ms anonymous!! you are right when u said Dalog is eyeing that position!!!! it was always his “pangarap”!!!! alam nyo na kung bakit.. d pa yata sapat ang mga mansion nya hehe!

    oo nga “FOOLITICIANS”!!!!

  6. Bill: You might want to take a look at the March 5,2008 issue of Baguio Midland Courier, Week’s Mail Section. There is an entry from Gregory Taguiba entitled “Self-serving Public Servants”. This is related to the Undertaker…errrr… Caretaker pala, issue. Thanks

  7. I suggest we just let the people of mountain province speak again, they voted for the late congressman, and now that he has gone, let the people of mt. prov. choose for his replacement. And besides doing that is upholding the rule of law. Condolence to the family of the late humble Congressman.

  8. Hi Anonymous (3.3.08)
    Thanks. That may well be the reason. Ngem adi tako bokodan adi di gawis. Let’s give the position to others. If he’s interested in being congressman, the guv should fight for it in the 2010 elections. Hindi yung irereserve sa kanya.

    Hi Djangoroti,
    Good point that the congressman shouldn’t even have considered it. Thanks.

    Hi ulay,
    As I wrote somewhere in another post, parang itong suggestion lang ni Dangwa ang unbiased and with no hidden interest involved. Still, it is better if we have a special election. Thanks.

    Hi indigenous,
    I think you have a point. I’m not quite sure though if he will be able to get the support of MP voters. Thanks.

    Hi diak,
    Hehe, ammo pay dagitoy MP fooliticians. Thanks.

    Hi anonymous,
    Thanks for the tip 🙂

    Hi ardi,
    Well said. Let the people decide. Not politicians with their own agenda.

  9. Several leaders at Mountain Province earlier passed a resolution tasking Baguio Representative Mauricio Domogan to be the province’s overseer, until Congress passes a budget for the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to call for a special election.

    Read it again, not a pro-domogan but reading what does a “caretaker” mean with an open and close quotation mark, its for somebody to oversee before special election will be held in 2 or 3 months or more depending kano diay time nga ipass ti congress budget ti comelec.

    Which mean a temporary work, not a permanent one, and being a congressman at least ammo na a piman ti aramiden na.

    Adi pay ma freeze amin nga project diay Mt. Province no awan ti agpirma temporarily, so kaasi met a ti Mt. Province mang uray mapirmaan project da until such time that a congreeman is elected. No ngay umabot ti maysa taw en or 2 years santo ada special election???

    Philippines is so full of red tape and waiting for the congress to pass that budget for comelec to do the special election would put mt. province in a stale mate situation, baka ma ZTE broadband scam pay ngay??

    Isu nga masapol piman ti temporary caretaker or overseer.

  10. hi 03.19.08,

    please read provisions of election code. what “maysa taw en or 2 years” are you talking about? does it have to be a congressman to “pirma” ti projects? cannot “pirma” (para kupit) be done some other way…parehas din magcomisyon yan, di bakit ibigay sa incumbent at the same time “caretaker” of another province/district? bigay na sa ibang gustong makarma di ba? kaya lang no haan nga ni domogs caretaker, sayang bingay mo, apo Siak!

  11. I find Indigenous’s post(.03.03.08) a bit convincing. But i think it is more probable that Mr. Domogan dreams of a Cordillera Autonomous Region and standing as its first governor. Thus it is imperative that he must showcase his concern for the people of Mountain province by way of serving as caretaker.

    Pero tama si Bilig; hindi solid ang support nya doon. At tama rin ung iba diyan na nagsabing mag-eleksyon nalang.

  12. Rule of law must be enforced. And late VD’s next of
    kins must stay away from this caretaker stuff. Otherwise, the tagalog saying “ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw” will go into effect.

  13. trueblu:

    that is what we call objectivity! tama ka diyan.may domogan just please concentrate on baguio nga haan na pay nga maurnos. daming reklamo against him. vote na lang para matapos na ito then we move on.if after election eh tuloy ang kurakot, same banana, let it go on hanggang destiny will singir ang mangungurakot. if after election eh maayos ang patakbo eh let destiny reward the good servant para naman maiba. until now, wala pang iba. as it is, most if not all politicos are waiting for their time of reckoning. enjoy sila ngayon at eenjoyin naman sila ng tadhana sa susunod. sabi ng iba , “wat goes around kams around”

  14. Bill,

    you might want to look into Greg Taguiba’s article in the Baguio Midland Courier, Week’s Mail section, March 22 entitled: Pray for Enlightenment. Many thanks and keep up the excellent work!

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