Happy New Year, Everyone!

Another year has passed! Here are photos of some of the things which kept me busy in 2014.

Visited Gandang Igorota, her husband Bong, and little Xami in Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya last February 2014.


Climbed Mt. Pulag with Wil of Kumpulmi ay Nemnem and these guys who patiently herded by fat ass all the way to the summit. Kailangan talaga magpapayat. Hehehe.


In March 2014, I decided to visit Tacloban City and Palo, Leyte to see how my niece is doing after Yolanda. Their school, the UP School of Health Services, used to hold classes in this now roofless building.


A look at the inside:


The students are now studying in these tents built by a Korean non-government organization:


Last December, I visited another niece working in Palawan. Some photos from El Nido:

IMG_3682The above photo is for people googling “foot fetish Palawan, Philippines”. You can’t believe how many people came to this blog by googling “foot fetish Malaysia“. Ang kinks nga naman ng tao, ano? Whatever floats your boat!

IMG_3693The El Nido beach. Looks good but the beaches in the other islands, which you visit when you go island-hopping are much cleaner and much more beautiful.

IMG_3694An elementary school building in El Nido town proper.


The next pic is from Sabang beach where the Puerto Princesa Underground River is located. I’m pretending to read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. The book is a great read but it is also depressing. Hehe.


That’s it for now. It’s my new year’s resolution to revive this blog and to write something more substantive in the future. I hope I can follow Wil’s example and be faithful to the “art” of blogging. Hehe.

Happy new year!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Everyone!”

  1. 4+ years since your last post… yup, time for a blog update. 😀 Hope to see you this year, IB! I gots plans in Piñas.

  2. hehe. nabuhay ano? glad to hear you’ve got Pinas plans this year. looking forward to having coffee with you again!

  3. Great pics, would be nice to visit those places one day. Wow, Wil and Gandang Igorota appeared on the horizon all of a sudden, time to revive the old gang, wink!

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