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Blast From the Past: American Governor of Benguet Investigated

So these “indiscretions” by the American Governor in Benguet must be one of the ways how American mining companies ended up owning much of the province’s rich mines. Funny how he was only charged with “indiscretions” when he was practically stealing the land of the iBenguets. But then again, at least he was charged with something unlike Gloria and her alipores who will likely get away with their various crimes against the Republic and its peoples.

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Boundary Disputes

One of the biggest problems in the Cordilleras (and the whole country as well) is the boundary disputes between local government units. It is a problem that mostly simmers under the surface but it has the potential to blow up especially if contested areas are rich with resources or offers high income opportunities.

In the article below, an official from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) suggests that elders should be involved in settling boundary disputes. There is nothing wrong with that of course, it’s better that these things are decided by more people rather than by a few officials. However we are, by the day, losing our elders who really know the boundaries of the past. [In fact, are our earlier concept of boundaries really the same as what “boundary” means today?] The other thing is that I’m not quite sure if the elders could be impartial if they are members of communities in dispute. But, as mentioned earlier, it is better that they are involved in this process.

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The Biggest Landgrabber of Them All?

Well, maybe not the biggest. There must be bigger land grabbers in Baguio. But it’s amazing how one who has “titles to parcels of land measuring 501 square meters and 10,300 square meters” was able to expand her land area to 672,364 square meters. Read Vincent Cabreza’s story here.

Too often, when the issue of land grabbing in Baguio comes up, it’s the small time land grabbers who get the blame. Maybe it’s because their style of land grabbing is very visible. You know, they just build a tiny house in a small parcel of land and claim it as their own.

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