PMA Cadet Lingo

As promised, here’s a partial compilation of the Cadet Lingo. I hope you have as much fun as I had when I was reading them. A more complete compilation can be found here.

Aso – A cadet who violated the honor code.
Baguio Beans – A native of Baguio City, usually a cadet.
Balisong – A native of Batangas (Archaic).
Benguet Lily – A beautiful girl. Baguio Lass.
Boloman – One who is unqualified in marksmanship training.
Booga-Booga – A woman.
Boomboom – Expression for serving punishment, touring.
Buaya – A native of Cagayan.
Busted Aristocrat – A cadet officer who has been demoted. Also B.A.
Bow-Wow – The Regimental Adjutant. So said because of the bark-like commands he issues during parades.
Carabao – One who does not dance (Archaic).
Dead Meat – Slow moving, sluggish cadet.
Drag – A cadet’s date in a hop or dance.
Dragon – The male partner of a female cadet.
Fatigue Duty – When one is entertaining an unexpected visitor, usually the visit is not looked forward to.
Femme – A cadet sweetheart.
F.B.I. – Full blooded Ilocano. Full-blooded Igorot.
Goat – Least ranking cadet in the class order of merit.
G-String – Sash of cadet officers.
Hop – A dance.
Idlers – Cadet in sick confinement (Archaic).
Immaculate – Upperclassmen.
Kaydet – A cadet.
Kevinism – Showing affection to another cadet of the opposite sex.
Mistah – A classmate; a formal, intimate address.
Moocher – A cadet who goes to a hop without a partner; a ballroom freelancer.
Paka-Ang-Kang – Awkward and clumsy.
Paradise Lost – An ex-femme (Archaic).
Pilgrims – Girls who visit cadets regularly.
Parasite – A cadet who goes to hops without a drag.
Peemayer – Alumnus.
Rooted – To remain at the blackboard until the end of the period without solving the problems.
Rumba Negra – Marching out of steps.
Shaku – “Shabby-Kupal,” the mixed character of a cadet who is always asking for unnatural favors and unusually strict.
Shylock – A thrifty fellow; the treasurer.
Slaughterhouse – Academic Building (Archaic).
Wife – A bunkmate; the other occupant of an army bunk. The rifle issued to a cadet.

12 thoughts on “PMA Cadet Lingo”

  1. i have been to PMA a lot of times just to watch the Saturday dancing thing “i dont know how they call it but its not pass and review”… i really love to see them do their thing…

  2. @chloe: The answer is in your question….Good Job or Congratulations! No pun intended. Can’t imagine Bill Bilig telling me “gawis ay trabaho TruBlue!”, so awkward.

  3. There are lts more missing, e.g. skag, astig, pamooch, bugo-bugo, bug, bok, hot darn, plebe, yearling, cow, firstie, privilege, rot, etc. Since you started this, you must complete it. This is haphazard research. Anita!

  4. Boodles, take life, rotting, mooch, beast barracks, taps, tatoo, rambagize……….

  5. How about = “Chin”; “One Bug”; “Relaxing-like-a-Carabao”; “Squatting- like- a- Filipino”; “Standing-on-one-leg”; “Fooling”; “Snappy” and some more “Cornities”, without which cadets will get crazy in this “Seminary”.

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