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Paper Roses From Baguio’s Garbage

Can you imagine the impact if seemingly simple projects like this one are implemented by government authorities at a much bigger scale. There would be much lesser garbage and more livelihood opportunities. If small organizations can do it, I don’t see any reason why government cannot do it as well.

Let’s give the Women’s Livelihood Organization of Imelda Village in Baguio our Boon Award for their worthwhile project. Creating livelihood opportunities for 22 people is no joke and is a big accomplishment which deserves recognition. Cheers to you women of Imelda Village.

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The Extortionist

How does a person become an extortionist? When she was a kid, did this woman say, “When I grow up, I’d like to be an extortionist.” Or did she wake up one day, saw that the rice pot was empty and decided there and then to be an extortionist? Or was it a slippery slope, maybe she initially did it to test if she can get away with it and it developed into a habit?

Good thing authorities finally caught up with Rowena Bauit Caronan a.k.a. Michelle Lueng a.k.a Michelle de Guzman. She will be facing charges of estafa and usurpation of authority.

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Quotes of the Day

“Ang tagal nilang ipinapangakong ipasasara nila hanggang ngayong umaapaw na wala namang aksyon.” — Irisan Barangay ChairmanThomas Dumalti.

“Hihintayin pa ba naming maging mala-Payatas ito, at may mamatay sa pagguho ng basura bago sila kumilos?” — Irisan Barangay Kagawad Phillip Tanawi.

Irisan folks are barricading the Irisan dumpsite because they’re feed up. Report here. Whatever happened to Baguio’s garbage segregation program? Gone of the wind na rin ba iyon?

Kirk Balmonte’s Breath of Freedom

Congratulations to Kevin Balmonte of SLU for landing in the top five of the First Stranger Festival. This is the video he made. I like it. It’s simple and creative and brought the point across. It would have been more compelling though if he used younger looking kids.

Here’s the Inquirer report on Kevin: A 19-year-old senior of Saint Louis University landed in the top five of the First Stranger Festival in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, a world video art event for children’s rights held July 3 to 5.

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