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How Poor Are We?

A little over one in four (28%) families in the Cordillera are poor according to the National Statistics Development Board. The number increased from 25.8% in 2003.

So which province has the most number of poor people? Abra with a registered 22,484 poor families. The figures for the other provinces are as follows: Kalinga – 16,113; Mountain Province – 14,254; Apayao – 12,928; Ifugao – 11,082; and Benguet – 10,990.

Meanwhile, Apayao and Abra are included in country’s list of 10 poorest provinces in terms of poverty incidence. Poverty incidence in Apayao is recorded at 78.5% while in Abra the poverty incidence rate is at 50.1% .

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Quick Links – 12 March 08

* If setting up sidewalk cafes along Session Road will make Baguio a more livable city, then we should be all for it, right? They should do something about vehicle traffic though. I’m not sure you’d want to go sidewalk-cafe-drinking if you’ll end up ingesting all those gas exhaust. [Sunstar]

* Seems like the question of whether or not Tabuk City and the other cities created last year are qualified to become a city is going all the way to the Supreme Court. [Inquirer]

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