Itettem Ta Humgopak

Here’s a video of a cute kid singing the Ifugao song, Itettem. It is heartwarming that some parents are teaching our indigenous songs to their kids, no? Appreciation of ourselves as a people really starts in the home. The lyrics of the song goes like this:

Itettem ta humgopak
Tete ehton nakaktolak
An nalpo nidadawi
Nidadawi dawin boble
Itettem (2x) ino

According to our high school teacher who taught the song to us, Itettem is about a man going home after a long trip. Maybe our Ifugao readers could confirm if this is true and could help us with the lyrics of succeeding stanzas. Thanks.

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6 thoughts on “Itettem Ta Humgopak”

  1. Hi Bill,

    Cute song reminds me of younger days. As far as I know it is a love song from a traveller. I think it is not “honggopak” but humgopak which means enter. Itetem ta humgopak …put the ladder on so I can enter because i am very cold, I came from a far away place. Indigenous Ifugao houses have detachable ladders as a means of house entry and detached at night time either kept inside or hanged just in front of the house. Come on fellow Ifugaos can someone tell us more about this song please?

  2. Hi pinoy downunder,
    Thanks for the info. I corrected the spelling in the main post. Your explanation, i.e., putting the ladder down, was also how our teacher explained it to us. I should have added it to the main post, no? Thanks again 🙂

  3. whooaaa!!!!! ang cute nmn nung bata. .
    i love it grabeh!! hmmm pwede poe bang pki post ninyo ung history ng ITETEM??? PLEASH POE. .
    NEED kc eh. Tenchue poe ah
    mwaaahhh. .

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