Abra Election Post Script: By "Only" 610 Votes

There may be light at the end of Abra’s welcome tunnel but we can’t say the same for its troubled politics.

Despite receiving more votes (610 to be exact) than her main rival Vicsyd Valera, congressional candidate Cecilia “Cesy” Luna remains unproclaimed as the Congresswoman-elect of Abra province. The reason? We are not exactly sure but you can read more here.

We hope of course that whoever won will be proclaimed and that whoever lost will be a gracious loser and allow the winner to sit in Congress. Otherwise, Abra won’t have a Representative when Congress opens in July.

It will be a bad loss for the Valeras though in case Luna is proclaimed because it means that they will be totally out of power after years and years of lording it over in Abra. This is obviously the main reason why Vicsyd is not about to give up yet. Factor in the close margin, i.e., only 610 votes, and you would understand why the fight is not yet over for him.

Still, even a winning margin of just one vote for Luna would be more than enough reason for the COMELEC to go ahead and proclaim her as Abra’s Congresswoman-elect. So maybe the margin is “only” 610 votes but it’s 609 votes more than enough.

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