Funny Videos [4]: Teachers

Here’s a very short animation made by Jimevelyn, our kailiyan from Benguet. The video is a tribute to the world’s noblest profession and is fun to watch. Medyo bitin nga lang as the video lasts for only 19 seconds. But despite its briefness, the video is quite effective in getting its message across. It takes talent to do that, no? Can you imagine expressing your message in just 19 seconds?

By the way, I especially like the fact that Jimevelyn used “Bagbagto” as the accompanying music. Let’s congratulate him/her for this video and shout “More! More!”

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2 thoughts on “Funny Videos [4]: Teachers”

  1. 🙂 how cute…the kid is talented to create a video like that. It’s teacher appreciation week here where we are, but I can’t tell whether he/she appreciates teachers or not lol!!

  2. Hi JMom,
    Ooops, hindi ko pala naclarify sa post. I think Jimevelyn is a teacher based on his Youtube profile so I assume s/he appreciates teachers, which we all should, kasi pag wala teachers wala tayong alam sa mundo. Thanks 🙂

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