Campaigning Via the New Media

We are uploading this videos not because we are supporting Peter Rey Bautista’s candidacy for mayor of Baguio but because they have a historical value, i.e., the first attempt by a candidate from the Cordilleras to campaign via the internet. If you know of campaign videos by other Cordi politicians that we should upload and critique here, then do feel free to tell us about it.

Mission Impossible

I like this video because it plays up the candidate’s “youthhood” and portrays him as an action-oriented executive. Kind of fun and well done.


After watching this video I said, “Peter, Peter, what are you doing making a campaign issue out of curfew? Hindi kaya ikaw ang ma-curfew niyan.” Don’t get me wrong. Maybe youth delinquency is a problem in Baguio but the video would have been more effective if Peter Rey doesn’t look so young. Honestly, parang kamukha niya yong aking grade school pamangkin with that playful smile, semikalbo haircut, and all. So its kind of hard to take the curfew message seriously because I was like, “Uh uh, look at that kid campaigning on curfew for kids.”


This is okay. But then is that an unmade bed at the back of Peter Rey? It does look like one. Also, that “sitting down, Ama ng Bayan, fatherly pose” doesn’t work mainly because Peter Rey really looks young. It might work for an old man like Judge Yaranon but not for a relatively young man. As in the case of the curfew thing, parang may dissonance between the message and the messenger dito.

Verdict: More “Mission Impossible” videos that give a positive spin on the candidates “youthhood” and less “Curfew” videos that make us go, “Look who’s talking?”.

What do you think? Tama ba ang ating review hehe. Dapat bayaran tayo ni Peter Rey ng consultancy fee dito. Again, if you know of other campaign videos by other Cordillera candidates that we should upload and critique in these last remaining few days of the campaign, do to tell us about it.

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6 thoughts on “Campaigning Via the New Media”

  1. I’m against the curfew. It’s totally stupid. I never had a curfew growing up and could walk from Burnham to Trancoville at midnight safely. It was nice to do this back then with my friends. Priorities are all so wrong and the root cause is not being solved.

  2. I’ll have to disagree… Times have changed, Baguio’s not the same as the time when he and his friends can go around Baguio at night safely. Just because the curfew was revived (for minors, by the way) does not mean that there’s nothing else that’s being done to address the “root cause” of issues affecting the youth.

    I have two teen-aged children, and if i receive a call from the police at night to pick my kids at the police station because they were accosted for loitering around town past the curfew hour; or along session road where a 14 year old boy was stabbed “dahil napagtripan lang”; or Burnham Park where muggings and cellphone snatchings happen all hours of the day; or Nevada square that’s teeming with drunken minors who figure in rumbles practically every single night and where the infamous Baguio scandal of a young woman who had sex with a man in a bar in full view of the other bar patrons happened; then I’m all for this stupid curfew.

    Baguio has changed. And to deny that and continue living in the past is more stupid than enforcing the curfew.

  3. This BagUBoy thinks curfew will not be evenly enforced. Rich and influential people would get away with it. What else is new? Anon 11:24 identified places wherein crimes happens on a regular basis up to now, yet, what’s da PNP’s finest done to rectify da problems, I say nil. In fairness, maybe Baguio PNP is concurrently discussing these mess!!!!
    It’s horrendous Session Road and Burnham Park were not exempted from these thugs.
    Yes, those days where Kayang and Lapu-lapu streets were the mini-killings fields are just maybe a memory….cheers to all!

  4. Er, precisely, why has Baguio changed? Did we suddenly regress and go backwards in the evolutionary process? Putting a curfew is not the answer. Why are kids carrying knives? We never did it when I was young!

    The solution is to focus on the fact that one misguided kid has a knife and ruining the nightlife for everyone. A small minority is anti-social and violent,true, the answer is not to penalise the 98% of the population who just want to have clean fun.

    It is a difficult problem. There is an economic element with those muggings (hold-ups) but we can’t say it’s entirely economic as most barumbados and some knife attacks in Baguio are perpetrated by ‘rich’ kids. For once, we should have well maintained street lights in the central areas and greater non-threatening police presence. And what is the success rate of our police in catching those petty thieves and muggers? If our police were as efficient, then I guess people would have second thoughts about doing stupid stuff knowing that they’ll eventually be caught.

    It would be a shame to tell my kids not to go out at night and have fun. I did it when I was young, why should I deprive them???

    Frankly, the curfew? This is like Raul Gonzalez telling everyone that Julia Campbell was ‘careless’ for hiking alone…

  5. Nash, good for you that you didn’t do those things when you were young. We should have more of the likes of you in Baguio today. When you were young, there was a curfew, by the way. The curfew is a decades-old ordinance, it has always been there.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t want my 14-15 year old children to be out loitering around town at night, who are the subject of the curfew…

    THe curfew is not the only answer, but it is an answer, nonetheless…

  6. Meanwhile, a whole generation of young ones will never get to experience what it’s like to just lay on the parks at night watching meteor showers…

    Don’t compromise your rights.

    A curfew is not a mark of a civilised society.

    I wouldn’t want the world to know there is such a place as Baguio that has a curfew. We’re not living in the middle ages.

    When your roof is leaking, the immediate solution is to put a basin under it to collect the water. But it is not the answer. The roof will always leak unless you fix it.

    Back then in the 80s/90s there was a curfew, but it never came to a point where one had to enforce it. I, and my barkada, certainly have never been accosted by anyone. Even the police were back then were polite.

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