The Week. 03.04-10.07

JAILED ABROAD. Several Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from the Cordilleras were jailed in Saudi Arabia for 11 months because one of their companions allegedly tried to ship 2.3 kilos of gold owned by the Saudi Arabia Mining Co. Our kailians are now back home but they have not received their wages, overtime pay, and other benefits. [Source: Manila Times]. More information from the Northern Dispatch: some of the OFWs were tortured while others are still languishing in jail.

ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR PROVINCE. Ifugao OFWs in Hongkong have been raising funds to buy computers and printers which are then distributed to different schools and barangays in Ifugao. Kasta man nga kakailian. More here. [Source: PIA]

THERE’S AN ECLIPSE IN LONDON AND SNOW IN WISCONSIN. And of course we have kailians to blog about it. Torogi Mama has a funny entry on her initial joys dashing through the snow but after seeing too much snow, she is now praying that the next winter will be snow-free. Meanwhile, The Nashman witnesses a “lonar ekleps” in London and, maybe because of the eclipse or maybe because of sheer homesickness, pretends that he has Kalinga coffee.

HOMECOMING ANXIETIES. For those of you who have been away from home for a really long time, I’m sure you will share Kayni’s mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety now that she is heading home to Baguio and Tabuk. Don’t worry Kayni, you are not the only one who dislikes Manila 🙂

Nats has the results of the recently concluded Cordillera Athletic meet held in Tabuk, Kalinga. Not unexpectedly, Baguio City emerged as the overall champion with 1208.5 points. What is surprising is that the city practically dominated all events. It is also surprising that Abra, which used to win all swimming events, is now at the bottom of the list. The scores for other teams are: Benguet (685 pts.), Kalinga (571 pts.), Mt. Province (466 pts.), Ifugao (442 pts.), Apayao (152 pts.), Abra (143.5 pts.). You can read the team results for the different sports disciplines here. [Source: Kalinga Tambayan Blog]

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE. A friend who is some kind of a water expert once told me that water will be much more valuable than oil in the future, that Canada with all its ice in the North Pole will become the wealthiest nation, and that nations will go to war because of water. Of course, we from the Cordilleras are well aware that the scarcity of water can be a source of many miseries. William Todcor blogs about a controversial water project in Bontoc, Mt. Province while Pagano writes about the relief that rainfalls bring during this coming dry summer months.

WHAT IS MARCH IF NOT THE MONTH FOR WOMEN. Baguio City recognizes ten outstanding women for their exemplary achievements. Our fellow blogger, Bugan was there to chronicle the event while Nordis has the complete list of honorees.

. From Nordis: “Betty Fangasan noted that most abused women are jobless and housekeepers while abused children are mostly offspring of Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) whose parents left them with either their own fathers, stepfathers, or relatives.” Read more here.

LET’S WELCOME THE BAYOGANS. The Bayogans of Davao are from the cool Cordilleras but they are now blogging in the warm city of Davao. The initial post in their blog is about Yam Bayogan’s battle (and victory) against leukemia. Quote: “Yam is now gaining weight and growing taller. She continues medication and undergoes regular check-up, even as she manifests her usual vigor and energy.” Read the touching story here. Welcome to the blogosphere Sir Jonathan and Ma’am Emma. We are with you and your family in your journey.

PHOTO CREDIT: (please note that the photo is only for visual effect and is not a photo of the Saudi jail).

10 thoughts on “The Week. 03.04-10.07”

  1. seriously, that is kalinga coffee. most of the oxpinoys have field works in the cordilleras. we also have a stash of highland rice here which we cook during our dinners….:D

  2. Hi Nashman,
    Ganun ba? My apologies. Akala ko kasi it is not Kalinga coffee he he. Aba, at may highland rice pa kayo. Eh, too bad for us because we only have NFA rice 🙂 Thanks again.

  3. …that water is going to be more expensive than oil in the future, I’ve heard that too, which reminds how blessed we pa rin up here in the mountains cuz our water is still free and flowing. You can go skinny dipping to any of our beautiful rivers and falls. 🙂 Sometimes when I go to my relatives’ houses,nasasayangan ako kase yung mga faucets nila, you cannot close them so continuous lang ang agos ng tubig… kase pinutol lang na hose.

    I used to love March month, but from this year on, hate ko na siya… 🙂

  4. maga didan karga nan bag ko everytime i go back to london from the boondocks, hence, manag-ismuggle ak si kumumporme into the flight back like sili, kape, daing, etc….we have a couple of anthropologists here in ox, one’s doing visual history (ie. tatooing) and one’s doing architecture of the built environment (using sadanga as one model)…

  5. Thanks for the assurance, Bill. I did start freaking out last week. I guess that was the storm before the calm. I’ve been able to keep my mind occupied by thinking of all the good things I’ve missed from the Philippines.

  6. Hi Ferri,
    We are indeed blessed with free flowing water up there in the mountains. We hope we are good stewards so as to maintain these sources of water. Kasi we might be taking it for granted tapos pag nawala bago tayo gagawa ng aksyon.

    Hi Nashman,
    Hehehe, make sure you don’t smuggle tawas at baka mapagkamalang shabu. Baka matulad ka pa kay Nora Aunor (although in her case it would seem that it was actual shabu).

    Hi Kayni,
    You’re welcome. Mas mabuti nga yung having the storm before the calm. Again, advance welcome back to the Philippines and safe travels.

  7. yikes! anong nangyari sa abra swimming team? kulelat din sa overall rankings. whoa!

  8. Hi Nostalgia,
    Thanks. And congratulations to you too.

    Hi Bangued,
    Oo nga eh, ako din ay nagtaka. Baka they didn’t expect that Baguio will have good swimmers kasi Abra has been dominating that sport for several years already. Or baka maraming Abra swimmers na pumunta sa Baguio at nag-aral 🙂 Kasi naman yung athletes ng Baguio actually trace their roots from the different Cordi provinces (and other places of course). Well, I’m sure Abra will do better next time now that they know that other teams have good swimmers too.

  9. Have you heard of the news? Baguio topped the Olympics festival. While the city got none in aquatics(this is expected..hehe)..nakarami sa combat sports..

    Warriors nga latta. Hehe

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