Asian Treasures: A Shorter Version of the "Bad Part"

You might not have watched the earlier video we uploaded here because, mysteriously, it can only be viewed by those who were invited to view them. Too bad. It would have been a good evidence of this show’s negative portrayal of some undocumented Cordillera tribes. [Update: Said video is now for public viewing.]

Fortunately, there is a very short video which you can watch above. It shows a really dirty and unkempt chief and his equally dirty and unkempt son. You will notice that the chief is speaking Tagalog while the son is speaking Tagalog backwards. For instance, “asawa” is “awasa”. As aptly observed by Nats in his comment here, by using “balbaliktad” it is as if the show wants to push us backwards. Great job GMA-7.

I was planning to upload the Youtube videos of episodes that feature the tribe but these are also inaccessible now. So we can’t watch any more videos of Asian Treasures. (Unless of course some of you who have television can somehow record them.) But as we hinted in the preceding post, the videos show a really big tribal warrior who will go up against Robin in a man-to-man duel. The videos also show some tribal women kneeling before Robin Padilla and said warrior supposedly to pray for the souls of these two men. I presume that Robin defeats the big warrior because he gets the prize in their duel, i.e., Angel Locsin.

So what stereotypes do we see in those now hidden videos: the “physically powerful but not so smart tribesman stereotype” and the “docile and hero-worshiping tribeswomen stereotype”.

I guess you will agree that the people behind this show are simply not creative at all. They have to be “creativity-challenged” if all they do is to get a list of stereotypes and mindlessly use them. Sadly, they are doing it at our expense.

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14 thoughts on “Asian Treasures: A Shorter Version of the "Bad Part"”

  1. Hi Nashman,
    He must have been kicked out in other school’s too he he. But I blame the producers/writers/directors for this messy piece of work rather than the actors. Thanks.

  2. what is this show anyway? 😀 it looks so cheap with lousy production values, crappy acting, and lacking imagination….it’s not even worth reviewing…:D

  3. Hi Nashman,
    LOL. From what I’ve watched in Youtube para din siyang TV version ng movies directed by Carlo J Caparas (at least in terms of crappiness). So I will continue to review it because it is fun mocking it. Hehe.

  4. This is really, really bad publicity…I hope that GMA-& will apologize and do something about it. But as my ate ganda said ‘bad publicity is still publicity’…hehe. Correct me if I’m wrong po ate.


  5. This is unprecendented! We just celebrated an overhwhelming victory re: the peeing kailian, now we are in forum about this stupid asian treasure tv show, yet again, abs-cbn has this show “going bulilit” this saturday, this time, minors clad in igorot costumes mocking us again???? not sure how to assess this one as I only saw a very short preview!!!! I can only surmise this will be a “nightmare” for us. please standy……..we’ll see…


  6. Hi FBI,
    It’s really bad. Like you, I hope that GMA will do something about it. That bad publicity is still publicity is, I think, very applicable for politicians and actors. In the case of Asian Treasures, I do not think the publicity is good for us at all but it is, of course, good for GMA-7. Thanks.

    Hi TruBlue,
    Too bad I don’t have television. Would you be able to watch it (Going Bulilit) and describe it for us. Or maybe take images. Thanks

  7. Had a glimpse of the show “goin bulilit” but not exactly what I witnessed days before. However, it’s about these kids running around like lil’ Indians (not sure what tribe they’re portraying), but it’s totally asinine.
    The show “Star Magic” was a bit more insulting. These Manileno’s are in Baguio and one of the teenager keeps repeating “wala pa akong nakikitang Igorota” (they’re all around you FOOL!!) The show moves on and this kid was just bent on looking for the Igorota. While at Mines View Park, two of the male teenagers donned igorot costumes w/g-strings and started taking pictures with tourists. After several takes, both complained that their asses are
    freezing or something to that effect. ABS-CBN/GMA7, wake up!! this is the 21st century!! It just tickles me to death, when some of these lowlanders head up to Baguio, they really expect a bahag-wearing populace even now!!
    Personally, don’t really give a hoot!
    We have nothing to prove to these people who thumb us down. If there are poor uneducated people of the Cordilleras, so does the whole islands of the country. If there’s any minority group that’s way advanced, IT’S THE IGOROTS!!!
    Hmmmm..wish I’m positive on this prognosis… Well, another subtle rant from….


  8. Hi TruBlue,
    Thanks again for these information. Shows such as these should really be monitored and told to do away with their really old ideas of who we are. I guess this is one reason why I no longer watch television but then ignoring TV doesn’t mean that the problems it create will go away. Hmmmm, what can we do about this? What is the best approach? Keep posted, we might have some good ideas in the future. Thanks again.

  9. Buti nalang I don’t watch Asian Treasures…or it might have infuriated me. bakekang lang kasi parang “bakakeng”. Hehe.

    Hey, Marky’s a GMA talent, can’t he be their consultant regarding the Igorots? Maybe they can. Marky’s pretty educated in the Igorot culture. Hindi naman ata sila hihingan ng “proefessional fees” no Marky.

  10. Betelnut – Marky is still a kid, besides, right now he’s just a “tin soldier” of GMA7 and of course can’t say much. He seems to be doing great now but curious to see what happens to him after his contract runs out. I wish him more success though.
    Bill would be the ideal fellow to serve as consultant. What’s the fee Bill?


  11. Hi TruBlue,
    That made me laugh. Mura lang naman ako he he. Kaya lang mahirap ang consultant, paano kung ayaw kang sundin? So I think its better to be just a blogger because we can mock them and point out their silly and stupid mistakes 🙂

  12. is it just me or am I seeing “Igorots” that are “painted”

    Yung while while…pintura ba yun..or effects lang ng Youtube?

  13. Hi Betelnut,
    It’s not Youtube. Maybe its pintura or dye or whatever it is that they used to make the “Igorots” really look dirty and unwashed.

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