And We’re Back

Apologies to all of you for the non-posting.

But where were we? We had to do some emergency projects in areas where there’s no internet, then we spent a lot of time looking for a new apartment to live in because our former landlady said that she is going to move to our former place, then Bayantel took forever to transfer our landline and internet connection (Yeah we’re low tech hehe), then we called Bayantel and gave them a tongue-lashing for being such slowpokes (Yeah we can be bad hehe), then we were tempted to dump Bayantel and apply to PLDT and upgrade our internet from modem to DSL, then when we were preparing to go to PLDT the Bayantel people arrived and installed our phone and internet, then we excitedly opened this blog and read all your comments, and then we decided to post again.

So we’re back. And all is well. Thank you kailiyans and blogger friends 🙂


5 thoughts on “And We’re Back”

  1. hey, nice to see ya back, Bill. I thought maybe evil Bill had something to do with your disappearance. 😉

  2. Hi Wil,
    Thanks. Nope, it’s not evil Bill fortunately. It’s mainly due to the projects I had to do and partly due to my former evil landlady hehe.

  3. Was wondering what happened to Bill, I thought “namundok na ata!” hehehe.

    Good to have you back!

  4. Akala ko dinampot ka ng mga ilks ni GMA coz of your lashback at her SONA! hehehe…….. Along with her incoherent HSA
    (Human Security Act), remember, it’s a pretext so they can weed out anyone they choose.
    Your “blog” is our main dap-ay, so without it even briefly, can lead to mental anguish, hehe….cheers and goodhealth….

  5. Hi Lovelyn,
    Thanks. Hindi pa naman, I’m still an iBundok in the city. Siguro if Gloria will still be President after 2010 mamumundok ako kahit na hindi ako totally bilib sa mga kaibigan natin doon hehe.

    Hi Trublue,
    Katakot nga yung HSA na iyan baka gamitin sa katulad nating bloggers. Huwag ka namang ma-mental anguish at baka mataluyan ka. Cheers 🙂

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