Coffee, Tea or Rice Coffee?

Because you loved our sayote posts, we decided to do more food blogging. This time, we will blog about rice coffee. How does one make rice coffee?

You mean you don’t know? And we thought we were THE clueless ones when it comes to cooking 🙂 Anyway, here’s how you make rice coffee: 1) get one cup of uncooked rice and 2) roast them until they get dark.

After roasting the rice grains, the next things to do are: 1) boil water, 2) add rice coffee to the boiling water, and 3) keep boiling until the water gets dark. [Okay there might be a more “modern” way of doing it but why change your grandma’s tried and tested method.]

Heheh, if the above instructions are amateurish, it’s because we are an amateur food blogger.

Anyway, now that you have your rice coffee, what do you do next? Drink it of course. But, if you want your rice coffee to have a menthol flavor, put a Snow Bear candy (or half of it) in your steaming cup of rice coffee. [Hah, I invented this “drop Snow Bear in coffee” thing so I should patent it, no?]

Don’t forget to eat the undissolved roasted rice in the bottom of your cup.

According to Dr. Penelope Domogo of the Mt. Province Health Office, rice coffee is a good cure for diarrhea, gastritis, stomach pain, and gas pain. How exactly does it cure diarrhea? It absorbs/deactivates the toxins in the bad food you ate.

Happy drinking kailiyans!

P.S. To be honest though, rice coffee doesn’t have that rich aroma that comes with real coffee. Maybe those geneticists should splice a coffee gene (the one that gives coffee its nice aroma) in rice, no? That’s a project we would support, not the evil thing they are doing now which is to add terminator genes in all food producing plants so farmers will keep buying seeds from evil companies.

15 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea or Rice Coffee?”

  1. Yay, I think the good bill is back. I haven’t had rice coffee for such a long time now. I don’t even remember how it taste. This is something I can do during the weekend. Thanks for recipe, but what’s a “snow bear”?

  2. Snow Bear! I remember it with fondness because it is the menthol candy that my late grandfather (God bless his soul!) liked so much. I remember, he used to hand-out these candies to us when we were kids, but the menthol was so strong we could only take it for awhile before we throw the candy away hehehe…

    Rice coffee is another fond memory, because we use it for ‘lafay’ (‘labay’ in Kankanaey). But my mother does not cook rice coffee now. Too bad! You have to cook the rice in slow fire, just like coffee beans, so the taste will be good.

    But rice coffee and snow bear in one, hmmmm, that’s a new thing. You’re right, Sir B, you should have it patented hehehe…

  3. Hi Kayni,
    Thanks 🙂 Snow Bear as Layad mentioned is a menthol candy. You can use any menthol candy actually. Happy drinking 🙂

    Hi Layad,
    I think the candy manufacturer has made it less strong kasi its more sweet than “mentholly” now.

    Thanks for the tip regarding the slow fire. Actually, I burned the rice coffee I roasted last month coz I was also doing other things, kaya dapat talagang slow fire pala.

    Thanks again 🙂

    Hi Nashman,
    Wow, that’s new to me. I should get some leaves when I go home. Thanks.

  4. I heard some say that rice coffee is bad for the health? They say that it’s because it is not actually a coffee but a charred rice. Charred food according to one study is carcinogenic? But, the rice tea’s great. They serve this at Teriyaki Boy, the aroma’s great!

  5. My dad does rice coffee when someone in the family is having diarrhea. He burns it talaga. Effective met piman, torture nga lang ang taste…lasang uling and bitter to the max na kape.

  6. Hi Deus,
    Ganoon ba? Thanks for the info. But isn’t coffee also charred? So baka puwede din siyang carcinogenic. Masubukan nga ang rice tea na iyan. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Lovelyn,
    So totoo pala yung sabi ni Dr. Domogo. Never tried it kasi for diarrhea. Masubukan nga minsan. Thanks.

  7. Hi Tutubi,
    Didn’t realize that the use of rice coffee is more widespread than I thought it was.

    Sure, I added you to my blogroll. I thought we exchanged links already pero hindi pa pala 🙂

  8. Enlightening exchange. I thought my father made rice tea because we ran out of kape o chocolate.

  9. hello can i get a recipe for a coffee and tea because i am very interested i am a coffee and tea lover

  10. Nicely presented. Rice Coffee is as old as Asia and the rice fields. It has its own unique flavours as does bean coffee. I guess the main benefit is that it is caffeine free. I find the taste not dissimilar to other brands of coffee. I add sweetener and milk.

  11. You’re right about the coffee as used to cure diarreah… My mom didn’t have to rush me to the hospital when i had the so-called ‘eltor’ (exeprience of vomiting and diarrhea at the same time)

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