Gloria’s 2007 SONA: The Good Bill’s Assessment

As reported earlier by Evil Bill Bilig, Gloria mentioned three of our kailiyans during her State of the Nation Address (SONA). They are Mt. Province Governor Maximo Dalog, Warren Ambat and Hester Umayam. Of course, she mentioned many other politicians (55 according to Newsbreak) and several other private individuals.

What’s up with all that name dropping? We think it is her attempt to maintain those politicians’ favor. She also mentioned the names of private persons who have achieved something (won awards, etc.) in order to appropriate their achievements and to make us believe that these people are winners because of Gloria.

Anyways, let’s look at what Gloria said in relation to the Cordilleras. First, here’s where she mentioned our roads (Halsema and the Tabuk-Tinglayan road) and where she gave a shout out to Governor Dalog:

Halsema Highway from Mount Data to Bontoc and the Tabuk-Tinglayan Road are being built. If you look the chart, there is something incomplete in between.

So that the Cordillera LGUs can build more of their much-needed roads, I ask Congress to require companies to pay directly to the LGUs their share of the natural wealth. I hope, Governor Dalog hears that.

I went like, “Dude, what’s up with that Dalog shout out?” It was totally random. We know of course that Dalog heads (or maybe used to head) the Regional Development Council but Gloria was talking about a legislative matter which should be directed to the region’s Representatives in Congress.

So, as I was saying, it was a totally random mention. But I’m sure Governor Dalog in Bontoc was so pleased and went, “Wow. I was mentioned in the SONA. I will stick with Gloria forever and ever and be her rah rah boy.” [Our unsolicited advice to the Governor: “Max, don’t be such a cheapo. Just because she mentioned you in a SONA doesn’t mean you become a rah rah boy like Morris. Besides she mentioned tons of other politicians so it’s nothing special. It comes cheaper by the dozen, you know.”]

Anyway, let’s move on to other things. This is where Gloria mentioned Warren Ambat:

IT (information technology) ability won for Warren Ambat of Baguio City High the most innovative teacher and leadership award in Cambodia last February, topping contestants from 70 countries, congratulations to our contestants, women.

And this is where she mentioned Hester Umayam:

Six Filipinos bagged the awards at the Intel Young Scientists Competition in New Mexico last May: Ivy Ventura, Mara Villaverde, Hester Mana Umayam and Janine Santiago of Philippine Science High; Melvin Barroa of Capiz National High, congratulations, Melvin; and Luigi John Suarez of Benedicto National High.

We are happy of course that our kailiyans got the attention of the President and were mentioned in a SONA no less. But as we said earlier, this is Gloria’s attempt to make us believe that the achievements of the people she mentioned are her achievements.

It is the oldest trick in the book of public relations: If you have a very bad image, co-opt the achievements of others and associate yourself with people who have a good image.

You wonder why Gloria keeps on having her pictures taken with Manny Pacquiao? Because she believes that our positive opinion of Pacquaio will rub off on her and that we will likewise view her positively. It’s called gaining a positive image by association. This is what she is trying to do in her speech. Also, by mentioning the names of Filipino achievers she would make it appear that their achievements are because of her.

Anyway, we believe that the achievements of our kailiyans are testaments to their personal abilities and NOT because of Gloria and her ilk. We are not even sure if she lifted a hand to help these people achieve what they have achieved.

Pahabol about Pacquiao. Pustahan tayo, if Pacquiao will lose in his coming bout, Gloria will run away from him before you can say, “Darn, JK Rowling killed my favorite character!” Wanna bet?

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7 thoughts on “Gloria’s 2007 SONA: The Good Bill’s Assessment”

  1. Sir Bill, Time out muna kay Glory Lavandery. I’m passing a ‘tag’ to give you break from all these serious thingy 🙂

    Its Ok if you don’t participate, I’ll keep on ‘kulitizing’ you anyway…

    Come check the ‘taggy’.

  2. Hmmm… Looks like the Good Bill has come under the influence of Evil Bill. No sign of the good one in this post hehehehe…

    Yes, definitely she is trying to associate herself with the victorious ones. Ang galing ng PR deparment nia ha? They are working, and working hard.

    I haven’t watched or read her SONA so thank you for the info.

  3. Under the Constitution the President’s supposed to address the Congress at the opening of its regular session. For what purpose? The Constitution did not expressly provide for it, but traditionally, this was made to be the time to report to Congress the State of the Country for legislative purposes. But time & again, this was made to be the moment of aggrandizing one’s self of certain achievements. Put it loosely, SONA had become a one-sided forum where Presidents invoke their delusional “powers” to the extent of encroaching upon the powers of other branches of government.

    SONAs in this administration had been bluntly a disciple of such corrugated display of power. And for such morbid and distorted display, reversely, State of the Nation of Addresses could well become the State of the President’s
    Lust for Power Addresses. I should have likely proposed or wanted that SONAs should not be broadcasted kasi nakakahiya and tutal the President’s addressing the Congress lang actually (look at the malicious name-drop) and not the people. Pero if this will be the way where people can gauge how their President’s mind is going, then let it be broadcasted for the politically-inclined people to assess and for the fed-up people’s entertainment.

  4. I miss the Good Bill, but Evil Bill is right – Gloria is a woman of words but not of deeds. It’s depressing.

  5. Hi Lovelyn,
    Hehehe, puwedeng pass muna ako. Eh paano wala akong current main squeeze. Okay ba ang palusot? Pero totoo yun ah. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Anitokid,
    Thanks. Oo nga, she is a master of the art.

    Hi Layad,
    Oo nga, critical din pala itong post when I re-read it hehehe. Eh how can one not be critical of GMA kasi ano? Thanks.

    Hi Deux,
    Thanks. I agree with you that it should not be televised at all. It is a waste of air time for the networks. Siguro sa government TV station na lang that no one watches anyway. LOL at your Lust for Power Addresses. Thanks.

    Hi Ellen,
    Thanks for the pictures and for linking us in your blog 🙂

    Hi Kayni,
    Thanks. Nakakadepress talaga when it comes to Gloria hehe.

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