A Toronto Tragedy

UPDATE 1: The death of Jocelyn is officially classified a homicide. Police: “Our officers attended the scene and did in fact locate a woman, 27-years-of-age, who had died as a result of foul play. The deceased was an employee of the household. She was the housekeeper.” Details and video at citynews.ca. Also, similar reports at canada.com. and canoe.ca.

FIRST POST: A friend from the Ifugao yahoogroup sent us information about the death of Jocelyn Dulnuan in Toronto, Canada. Jocelyn, a kailiyan from Namulditan in Hingyon, Ifugao was found dead October 2 at her employer’s home.

From the message: “We are waiting for more information as to the cause of death, the news indicate a foul play.”

We hope that justice is attained if foul play is involved in our kailiyan’s death. Our condolences to Jocelyn’s family. Our prayers are with you.

More updates on this case as we receive more information.

INFO SOURCES: Ifugao yahoogroup. and citynews.ca. PHOTO CREDIT: citynews.ca

7 thoughts on “A Toronto Tragedy”

  1. This is really dreadful. I hope our igorot community in Canada do something about this like pressing for an investigation into the incident and i hope too that BIBAK worldwide will second the demand for an investigation os thatthe offenders be charged accordingly. Adun ti kailyan nga who are violated of their rights and I hope again, this concern will be one of the top concern of Igorots worldwide, regardless of ideology, religion, sex or organizational ties.

  2. How awful. We need to track this and make waves so there’ll be a thorough investigation, and the killer/s brought to justice.

    There’s more that we can do as one voice. Any suggestions?

  3. gosh! what a heartless doing, i heard it from a man who came this morning sa office (office of the governor)to ask assistance for this matter,and we did gave him all the possible assistance we could..hope this matter will be solve as soon as possible..My condolence to the bereaved family.

  4. It is indeed a tragic event. Once the body is released by the police it will be sent home to the Philippines. We are asking for anyone or anybody who can help us and donate money to send the body to the Philippines. We are setting up an account for this cause but in the mean time you can call me at 647-885-2495. thanks. Fay Hangdaan

  5. Hi kk,
    It is a sad incident and I’m with you in hoping that justice will be achieved. Thanks.

    Hi Nadjhin,
    Thankfully our kailiyans in Canada are doing their part in addressing the problem. It is good that we have our communities to fall back on to. Thanks.

    Hi lady in red,
    Welcome to the blog. I agree that we have to continue tracking this until justice is achieved. If you are based in Canada, you might want to hook up with Imie and Faye because they are organizing our kailiyans there. Thanks.

    Hi pwitty tyze,
    That’s encouraging to know that the governor’s office made all the possible assistance. I’m disappointed though with the consulate office in Toronto kasi sila dapat ang tutugon sa ganitong problema. Thanks again and we hope you continue to join us.

    Hi Fay,
    Thank God for people like you who are attending to this matter. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  6. The people that Jocelyn worked for owns a 15 million dollar mammoth house in Mississauga. ” Da ya think they can maybe help out with the shipment of the body back to Manila? ” considering … I hope they get all the help they need.

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