Grenade Blast in Baguio, 12 Hurt

Update: Sunstar has the names of the students who were hurt in this grenade blast. Details here. We hope they will recover from their injuries.

FIRST POST: What is Baguio turning into? Hopefully not “Baguionistan”. Here’s a report from the Inquirer:

Grenade blast injures 12 students in Baguio
By Thea Alberto

At least 12 students were hurt after a grenade was hurled at a computer shop in Baguio City Tuesday night, a police official said. Chief Superintendent Eugene Martin, Cordillera police chief, said a grenade pin was found near the shop on Bonifacio St, just across St. Louie University after the explosion.

The injured students were brought to the St. Louie hospital, he said. Police were eyeing gang war as a motive for the blast.

NOTE: We are giving a Boo “Bagsak Kayo sa Spelling” Award to the Inquirer. You’d think that the Gloria-enabling paper would know better. It’s St. Louis not St. Louie. Inquirer so deserves to be mocked by The Nashman.

INFO SOURCE: Inquirer.

7 thoughts on “Grenade Blast in Baguio, 12 Hurt”

  1. nangalaan da met ti granada??

    ah kids now! what ever happened to a good old fistfight to settle scores?

  2. What is happening there? Why grenade attack! I have a friend who owns a shop right across Saint LouiS University.

    Ay anya met ten nga espelling iti St. Loie.

  3. Gang war in Baguio? As in teenage gangs? pity this is going on. maybe someone should build a YMCA or establish some kind of after-school program so those gang members would have something more productive to do other than throw grenades in a computer shop. I’ve heard of drive-bys, but never heard of throw-bys (of grenades, that is).

  4. Surfer Wil, there is a YMCA next to the Post Office, what it’s for nowadays, have no idea. These thugs needs to watch all five “Death Wish” movies by CHarles Bronson. A changed of attitudes might click.
    There are innocent victims in this situation, and the personality of Mr Hyde may come from it.
    Just like Bob Dylan’s famous song says: “The Times They are a Changing”

  5. Hi Nashman,
    Ammo pay dagiti ubbing tatta. Naglalaing da iti sabali nga banag.

    Heheh, that’s the old man in me pretending that I was never a juvenile problem. Thanks

    Hi KK,
    Oo nga. This is the first time I heard of a bomb exploding in Baguio. Thanks.

    Hi Wil,
    I think there is a YMCA in Baguio (at least I saw a building) but I’m not sure what they are doing. My impression is that it has pretty much become an irrelevant organization that is just renting out space. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Yeah, its always the innocent victims that are kawawa in incidents like these. Thanks.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Isu garod. No nagadalan ngata dagiti ubbing iti kasta nga agpaputok ti granada.


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