They Serve Again in Tineg

Oops. This is a better late than never kind of post. It’s old news (reported weeks ago) but it’s interesting enough so we are going to blog about it hehe.

Apparently, the peace and order situation in the the town of Tineg, Abra has been bad during the past years so government officials held office in Bangued, the provincial capital. Thankfully, things have improved now so, for the first time in six years, Tineg’s public servants are back to where they should be serving. Good for the people of Tineg. We hope it continues that way.

The Northern Philippine Times has a report on this development which you can read here.

And here’s the report from the Philippine Star/Artemio Dumlao:
For the first time in six years, the Filipino flag will fly again in Tineg, Abra.

Not that the town was invaded by foreign forces but tomorrow, local government operations will be transferred to Tineg. For many years, town officials have been holding office in Bangued, Abra’s capital town. Even police officials were based in Bangued.

Senior Superintendent Noel Manabat, Task Force Abra commander and Cordillera police’s deputy director for operations, said moving government operations back to Tineg is a way of “bringing the government back to the people.”

Tineg town is accessible from Bangued via a bumpy dirt road and travel time is around four hours, and Barangay Caganayan where a town hall is being built now can be reached by foot for another one to two hours.

The Sangguniang Bayan will meet for the first time tomorrow in the still to be completed town hall.

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