Baguio City High School Choir

Here’s a song for those of us who are in a worshipful mood. Now, if this was a choral competition and you were Simon Cowell, what would you say of this performance. Brilliant? Boring? That was safe but uninspiring? The best vocals of the night?

5 thoughts on “Baguio City High School Choir”

  1. It’s a winner all the way! Very impressive. My senior year at BCF High, we did this chorus and I was part of the bass side. There was no need for second or third takes as the first one was heavenly! Numero uno and can’t be beat. Our music teacher had been taping it and keeps rewinding after we listened to it, she said it’s no good! Five of us walked out since we figured this old fart was just SHOWING OFF her new cassette recorder.

  2. That’s my alma mater in there, hehehe. I am proud to be a graduate of Baguio City National High School, batch 95. BCNHS has always been the best High School in Baguio and in the Cordilleras….

  3. Nice to remember this song, In saint williams Academy i don’t know how many times i repeated to sing this song..reminiscing the days practicing and perfecting this song at tanghaling tapat… nung pumunta ako sa academy (PMA) the same song we are singing on sundays even i shifted religion just to get rid of boring catholic masses “hehe hope you understand me,but i am catholic.” just to shift on religion with jumping and dancing traditions just to avoid being sleepy!!!!

  4. Ah… the BCNHS Young Monsters… oops… Minstrels… all air and no substance. Choirs should be judged based on their attitude and not their voices. If that we’re the case, they wouldn’t win anything.

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