Party Poopers or Voice of Reason?

You decide. Statement from the Tungtungan ti Umili via Sunstar.

On Panagbenga funds:
“People have the right to know where their money was spent and how their elected officials spent it,”

On that cultural street dancing thing:
“Clearly, this is at the expense of exploiting Cordillera indigenous culture so rooted in our indigenous peoples’ history of cultural heritage. Commercializing causes its own slow death — and this death is tantamount to that of indigenous peoples when we lose our identity due to national oppression.”

“To replicate this for public consumption and consumer satisfaction robs the people of their own cultural symbols and practices. Misrepresentation gives the broader public wrong impressions of the Cordilleran culture. In fact, we may be introducing the wrong culture to our children.”

So is the Tungtungan a party pooper or is it the voice of reason? Maybe both?

One thought on “Party Poopers or Voice of Reason?”

  1. maybe both.

    culture is not static…it will continuously be embellished and who is to say whether that is good or bad?

    the flowerfest is just an excuse to have a street party. afterall, it’s a commercial venture straight from the start (bring tourist income during the lean months…)

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