Cute, Little Cordillera Birds

Videofied photos of birds in the highlands. The photos were taken from Mt. Data to Banaue according to the person who made the video. Do you think this video can teach us to view birds differently, i.e., that they’re not just a source of meat?

I must admit that I used to scoff at people who were campaigning against bird catching but I have since changed my mind and accepted their views. What precipitated that change? Well, I used to have a boss who was so passionate about birds. He was really into this bird-watching thing and kept talking about birds and birds and birds. Miraculously, I wasn’t turned off by all the bird talk hehe.

VIDEO CREDIT: neon2rossell

2 thoughts on “Cute, Little Cordillera Birds”

  1. had no idea that the cordilleras has such a diverse group of birds. wala na yatang ganyan sa baguio e.

  2. Hi Wil,
    I was actually also pleasantly surprised. I never cared to look at the differences of these birds but apparently there are various kinds of native birds up there in the boondocks. Thanks 🙂

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