Scooter Race in Banaue

Here’s a pretty cool scooter race in Banaue. When was the last time you did something as fun as this? Maybe we should all join the race next year, no? What do you think? Thanks, to Art Tibaldo for alerting us on this video.

Related story from the Inquirer after the jump.

Yabadabadoo industry in Ifugao booming
By EV Espiritu, Elmer Kristian Dauigoy / Inquirer

BANAUE, Ifugao—Every three years in this town that is famous for the rice terraces, men in G-strings race down the road using homemade wooden scooters.

The race, part of the Imbayah (Merrymaking) Festival here, has drawn fans who have witnessed a fleet of scooters speeding down the terraces.

Unknown to many here, the race also serves as a marketing showcase for these scooters.

After the race, tourists negotiate to buy the scooters, some priced as high as P15,000.

The scooters have become a “midnight-madness” spectacle because their underground retail is one of the few profitable businesses in the agriculture-dominated Ifugao economy.

Aside from the terraces, a perennial tourist draw, most Ifugao eke out a living selling woodcarvings as well as woven G-strings and hats topped with feathers or foliage to simulate age and ritual authenticity.

The race has been profitable, says Rafael Buccahan, 31, who makes wooden scooters.

The scooters began selling for P500 in 2005 when photos published in newspapers caught the attention of many visitors.

Buccahan says the scooters used to help his older relatives ferry food stock or vegetables around town.

The first scooter was made of ordinary firewood and twine. It belonged to a local town mayor in the 1960s.

Rubber tires had not been available then so the mayor carved the wheels from wood. The wooden wheels were greased from the sap of a local shrub.

8 thoughts on “Scooter Race in Banaue”

  1. Beyond the exotic scooter race that surely was a challenge to film, ‘hope Art Tibaldo will also post any other Imbayah Festival activity footage that he was able to record.
    -Excerpts of Hudhud. What a voice from the lead chanter!
    -What athleticism from the men and women in the palay-to-rice pounding competition (who pounds rice under the heat of the early afternoon sun?)
    -Friendly competitiveness among the children during the walking stick relay and “top bowling”

    Many others.

  2. The road looks well paved than other municipalities near Baguio. That was a tough ride – Scary slopes with that speed and no complete gears specially helmets.

  3. Oooooooooohhh…I’m assuming these Ifugao Highway Patrolmen have seat pads to support their asses (or assets) and hmmm, those precious private parts, hehe….
    It really looks fun but ascending back must be a pain-in-the-butt as they have to carry or push those darn things. Cheers and goodhealth.

  4. …though no safety gear but maybe its a good idea since oil prices keep on going up ( seems everyday pa ). should build a wooden car instead and some more very environmental friendly lor…har har har… its fun…

  5. riding on a wooden scooter is fun.ingat nga lang pag first time mo sumakay kc cgurado gasgas tuhod LOL!that were i got my knee scars hahaha

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