Blog Quick Links: 03 May 2008

My apologies for the very infrequent posts. I’ve been busy and continue to be busy with some projects I have to do. In the meantime, here are some links which are worth visiting.

* Check out the Blog of the Sagada Igorot. His reaction to an Inquirer article about Sagada’s “takba” mirrored my reaction when I first read the Inquirer story. Methinks the source of the writer, if he did interview a source, was pulling the poor writer’s leg. Anyways, read the Sagada-Igorot’s post here.

* The Call of Nature blog has a must read post on our population problem, machismo, non-scalpel vasectomy (NSV), and the very small number of men (only 73) who underwent NSV in Baguio. Read the post here.

* Here’s something we should look forward to: two professors from Benguet State University are coming up with a biography of Bado Dangwa, World War II guerrilla leader and the first governor of the old Mt. Province (the present Cordillera Region except Abra).

* Howie Severino, host of GMA-7’s Side Trip ni Howie Severino, visits Sagada to look for wild horses. Read his posts here, here, and here. By the way, I stole the above photo from his blog.

* Shameless self-promotion plug: our attempt to gain worldwide popularity (hehehe) is starting to gel. It’s still a challenge though to develop a tone for the blog. Forgive the grammatical lapses because I was more focused on putting the blog’s structure. Excuses, excuses, no?

* By the way, if you know anyone who wants to join GMA-7’s newest reality show, you should encourage them to audition on 17-18 May at SM-Baguio. You can find the details from this Survivor Philippines blog. And here’s some tips on how to prepare for the Survivor Philippines audition.

PHOTO CREDIT: Howie Severino’s Blog

2 thoughts on “Blog Quick Links: 03 May 2008”

  1. Blog Away, BILL! I’m sure you’re already getting a worldwide reading audience, hehehe… Or, at least you have a regular reader from Illinois. What grammatical lapses? Believe me, most of your European readers wouldn’t mind at all. Besides, this is your blog, not an English grammar class.


  2. And a regular reader from California.
    Google is making money out of your blogs – that’s why they can afford to feed all employees and their families & visitors European delicacies, among others, for FREE in their headquarters.
    Keep blogging.

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