Sagada Folks Against Gambling

Thanks to our tipster who forwarded this petition asking the Sagada police to act on the gambling problem in town. Double click the image to increase its size.

In case you still have a problem viewing the photocopy, this is how it reads:


Police Inspector Eduardo Tufay
Police Department Head
Sagada Municipal Police Dept.

Re: Gambling in Sagada


As freedom-loving and concerned iSagadas, we urge you to stop the gambling operations in Sagada and save the countless families of their savings and properties.

Gambling is so rampant in the community that Saturday has been informally designated for gambling at the town center. It has also been observed that the town fiesta has become a venue for gambling activities.

Gambling operations in other municipalities have contributed to increased crime rate aside from the effects that it has on families. And these are the reasons why gambling should be stopped in Sagada.

The continued gambling operations will guarantee the ineffectivity of Philippine laws and for that matter the locally made laws/ordinances of which the police have vowed to enforce and protect. Additionally, the community moral standards that we have been teaching in the community, the school, and the church to the younger generation will also be debased.

Please heed this petition and help save Sagada.

Signed by several petitioners

We hope that the Sagada police will act favorably on this petition and effectively address the rampant gambling going on in town. Or maybe they will just sit there and pretend that there is no problem?

Personally, I believe that if a foolish man believes that he can get rich by gambling, then we should leave that man to his foolishness. But if gambling is becoming a problem in a community as it has become in Sagada and so long as there is a law that bans gambling, then government authorities have no choice but implement the law.

By the way, the petition was signed by around 300 concerned iSagadas. Here’s a sample of the list of signatories. Double click to expand.

11 thoughts on “Sagada Folks Against Gambling”

  1. Good luck to this petition. Hope it won’t land on deaf ears and blind eyes. Worst on a heart that is inconsiderate and numb.

  2. Hmmmm…where’s the MP watchgroup or watchdogs that were supposed to ensure ethics and morality in the province are well-aligned!

    IBesaos and IKilTepAn’s should also sign this petition. I’ve inquired in Pagano’s Blog (Gadit) if
    all clergy in nearby towns I mentioned above are part of this campaign.

  3. Hi Lovelyn,
    Thanks. Hoping with you as well that this will bear fruit 🙂

    Hi Biyaheng Pinoy,
    Yes you can! I’m sure the group will appreciate the support of outsiders who have Sagada in their hearts 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Good question if the clergy is involved. I think I read some names but not sure if all signed. Thanks.

  4. I agree with what Trublue said. Involve the clergy! And alo past/former elected officials! Also the Mountain Province Watch Group. Let them sign the petition. Pagsayaatan ti ili daytoy.

  5. The act of stopping the open gambling activities in Sagada is commendable. We support. The future of the younger generation is at stake if this kind of values is tolerated openly. The enculturation of gambling in the community might be perpetuated if nobody says ‘NO!’

  6. Initially, i did not know how to react to the petition. Immediately, names and faces of persons involved in these gambling activities came to mind. Finally, how about the sanguniang bayan passing an ordinance against gambling? I hope that the petition will not just end up as a list of names and signatures. 🙂

  7. Do we really need to have an ordinance to implement anti-gambling operations or can we not merely implement PD 1602 without an ordinance?

    I still remember the time when Aspilan (as Chief of Police of Sagada) was able to apprehend gambling operators in Sagada without the need for a municipal ordinance.

    Correct me if I am wrong but there are municipalities and cities in the country without municipal ordinances or city ordinances against gambling but are able to raid gambling dens.

    Please enlighten us Manja since you are an attorney.

  8. Let’s not kid ourselves with implementations of littanies of ordinances, republic acts, or what-have-you. Not in a country wherein the legislators are the law breakers.

  9. Some provisions of PD 1602 were superseded by RA 9287, also known as the Anti-Illegal Gambling Law. It is true that we do not need a local ordinance to penalize the conduct of illegal gambling. RA 9287 only needs to be implemented. So the bigger problem is whether the executive department of Sagada, from the Mayor to the Barangay captains, is capable of enforcing this law. It is a challenge for them – and i hope those who signed the petition will continue to be advocates of moral laws even during election time – this way, we can have moral leaders who are able to walk their talk 🙂

  10. Trublue, you hit the nail in the head. Ordinances, republic acts, PD this, RA that, are merely suggestions
    What needs to be done is to pressure the local officials or face a recall, if there is such a thing over there.

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