Our Town: Kapangan, Benguet

This video shows the inauguration of the Kapangan Municipal Hall (probably the best-looking town hall in the Cordilleras) and the unveiling of the statue of former Benguet Governor Bado Dangwa.

Cheers to whoever thought of putting up the statue of the Governor. We need more statues of Cordillera leaders like that. [Question: Is it me or would the statue look better if the Guv’s pose was designed to be less stiff looking?]

Anyways, the inauguration was graced by Gloria who is, to her credit, no stranger to the Cordilleras. After watching her speech I must say that she has an impressive command of the Ilokano language. Her ability to speak different Filipino languages (she also speaks Bisaya, Kapampangan, Tagalog of course, and maybe Ilonggo because her husband is from Iloilo) must be one of her secret weapons which has ensured her political survival.

Kapangan is fastly becoming the center of silk production in the Cordilleras as you will see in some footages in this video.

3 thoughts on “Our Town: Kapangan, Benguet”

  1. Send her a copy of this tape (speech) if her PROMISES are not kept, she has less two years of her presidency.

  2. Ayeh, if I did the math right, 70M will cement the road till Kibungan. I’m impress to how the politicians say, “20M from me”, “me too 20M”…its like saying “sangagasut nga pesos met kanyak!”. Wow, they’re really rich hehehe…

    I heard her Ilocano when she was still a Vice Pres. Convincing. She was the guest speaker of Tublay’s fiesta. It was 4M back then (if I remember it right) was what she spared for our town. Hay naku, if only I can tell you where that money went.

    Btw, yeah, that statue is so stiff. Late Sir Bado will not like it, showed when Rep. S. Dangwa can’t unveil it slick and sly (lol).

  3. Hi Trublue,
    Good suggestion. Tignan natin kung meron talagang mangyayari between now and the end of her term. Thanks.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Thanks. Good to know that I’m not the only one thinking that the statue is stiff looking. Good point too about the Guv not probably liking it.

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