Happy Valentines Everyone

Let’s celebrate the season of love with this video of an Igorot couple getting married in Baguio. Maybe some of you know the the bride and groom so we can properly identify them? Belated congratulations to both of them.

Mainggit tayong mga walang loves hehe. Video courtesy of markieboy611.

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Everyone”

  1. o:03 arnel and geraldine kano met.hehe.dun sa me rings.ganda naman.mangipaapal nga kunan comments da ijay youtube.

  2. Higher batch ko si groom nung college. Are you related to him Bill?

    Boun San Valentino from all of us!

  3. Hi Djin,
    Thanks. Didn’t notice the names at first 🙂

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Ay taga Tublay garud? No relations at all. I just found the video sa youtube and thought that it’s fitting for the valentine season hehe. Thanks.

    Hi Fongakhan,
    Oo nga 🙂

    Hi Wil,
    I would think that there was a canao as is our practice. Thanks.

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