Rana Igorota: Going, Going, Gone?

A friend suggested that I also blog about the environment so this post is about the environment. In particular, it is about the frogs pictured above who face extinction because of the continuing deforestation of the Cordillera forests. Incidentally, these frogs used to belong to the family of frogs known as Rana Luzonzes but geeky scientists did their thing, determined that these frogs are actually different from Rana Luzonzes and so named them Rana Igorota. I think they are so named because their natural habitat is the Cordilleras.

These frogs are in the Red List of Endangered Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). According to the IUCN website, Rana Igorota is “listed as vulnerable because its extent of occurrence is less than 20,000 square kilometers, its distribution is severely fragmented, and there is continuing decline in the extent and quality of its forest habitat on Luzon in the Philippines.”

The IUCN adds: “The most important threat to this species is the deforestation of lower montane and lowland forests in the Cordilleras. The montane forests are either being converted to vegetable farms or are being developed into real estate. The protection of the remaining forests in the Cordilleras will assist in the protection of this species.”

Aha, so it’s the vegetable farmers pala and real estate developers who are the culprits. Bad, bad human beings always encroaching on the domains of other living species. On the other hand, should we blame the vegetable farmers who are really having a hard time making both ends meet. And we do need homes to live in, unless we want to live under a rock and pretend that we are the real Tasadays.

So the endless question of how to strike a balance between our needs as human beings and the importance of other species in our environment remains unanswered.


7 thoughts on “Rana Igorota: Going, Going, Gone?”

  1. ahhh….my comment disappeared. anyway, what i posted was that it’s one thing to build houses because we need them. It’s quite another thing to raze an entire hillside to build houses. Of course there should be balance between environment and development, but far too often, I think there’s no balance between development and the environment — development always wins. Pity.

  2. Hi Wil,
    I think we can strike a balance if we human beings just live a simple lifestyle. A lot of things that we perceive as “needs” are not really important. And, unfortunately, tama ka that development always wins in a clash between devt vs. environment. Too bad.

  3. i think we are facing the outbalance at this time, lets just accept the fact that the production of people is more faster than the recovery of the environment..(am i right in saying production of people? hehehe..)but one thing sure is the advertisement of Discovery channel “Utilized only what you need” am not sure if it is geographic channel din”i just loved this two channel specially history channel when we are staying at our house in baguio..balik din kami baguio soon! hehe..dito sa kalinga walang history channel…but when you ask me about telenovela pulos wala ako masagot…only news and documentary pinapanood ko sa ABS at GMA kaya mas sikat sa akin mga newscaster rather than actors/actress..

  4. Hi Nats,
    Tama ka. At Pilipinas pa ang number one na producer ng mga tao. Tuloy we are becoming really overpopulated. At the same time, it also boils down to our lifestyle choices; I agree that we should only utilize what we need. Unfortunately, we have become consumerists so we keep on buying things that we really don’t need. Off topic: Oy, buti ka pa at you have TV, ako nasira ang TV and didn’t want to have it repaired so wala din me alam sa telenovela he he. Si Gandang Igorota alam niya mga iyan 🙂

  5. hi bill & nats,

    Bill, bakit naman parang natatawa ka na may alam ako about telenovelas, aberrr!!! 🙂

    I like discovery & national geographic channels too…

    …but I watch Kapamilya teleserye kase sometimes it feels good (for us girls) to cry about corny eksenas, and laugh at myself pag napaiyak ako! it keeps me grounded…parang ganun…

    di naman weird di ba? kaya nood na rin kayo para matawa kayo sa sarili nyo! LOLz

  6. ay naku, nahawa ako sa’yo Wil na off topic ang comment… (not in this entry)

  7. Hi Ferri,
    Hindi naman me natatawa, alam mo naman ako mahilig maglagay ng smiley he he. Actually nga mabuti mahilig ka ng telenovela so at least we will have an expert di ba 🙂

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