3 thoughts on “Political Break Muna: The Prognosis on Marky Cielo”

  1. Hope these experts are correct. It’s only scary that these same talking heads will be the ones to mess him up. Most comments I read on the net seems positive. Goodluck to him and goodhealth to all….


  2. Hi TruBlue,
    Tama ka jan. Hopefully they don’t mess him up and that he doesn’t get messed up. He appears to be a sensible, rooted, down to earth guy though.

  3. Marky,
    Though you only had an ample time,
    you made us think that
    we must be proud of what we are.
    You passed away too soon
    but your shine never did.

    Thank you GOD for sharing to us
    an example to the people in this
    weary world. Thank you for helping us realize that there are still good people like Marky; who proved to us that we do not need to engage in bad works deeds.

    You did leave us too early
    but you set things out in
    a good way. It was all worth it.

    We are happy for what you have
    done not only to the people but also to your family. As what they have said,
    “They’re lucky to have
    Marky as their son…”

    Indeed, we are lucky to see you…

    Till the next dance moves Marky,
    See you in the next chapter of our lives!

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