In Case You Want Peter or Jack To Be Your "Friend"

If elections are won by a candidate’s having an internet presence then two Baguio candidates (incumbent mayor/mayoralty bet Peter Rey Bautista and candidate for the City Council Jack Cariño) should be declared winners already. Sila lang kasi ang may websites although not in their own domains. Peter Rey, whose battle cry in this elections is “Simple Lang”, has a site at as well as on blogspot. For his part, Jack “Stop the Uglification of Baguio” Cariño, has a site at

However, I doubt if having an internet presence is going to be a factor in this elections so let us wait for the canvassing of votes before we declare the real winner. In the meantime, if you are from Baguio and want to be really in touch with these two candidates you should set up a multiply account and try to invite them as either your “friend” or your “online buddy”. [Multiply also allows you to invite them as your “fiance”, or “roommate”, or “boyfriend”, etc. etc. so you might want to try said options he he.]

Siyempre if they accept your invitation you can always boast that either Peter Rey or Jack is your friend. Lalo na pag sila ang nanalo imagine saying something like, “Kaibigan ko si Mayor at si Councilor”. And you have the internets to back you up di ba? Eh paano naman pag nireject ang inyong invitation? Eh di sorry ka na lang. Mag-revenge ka na lang sa ballot box.

Seriously though, it’s good that some candidates are using the internet to communicate to people. It’s not surprising that Baguio candidates are leading the way because there’s a much bigger number of internet users in the city than the rest of the Cordilleras. Sana the other candidates will also set up their sites so we can pit them against each other. Something like, “Tinalo ni Leandro Yangot si Peter Rey Bautista sa overall web design pero mas mabilis ang loading time ng site ni Bautista.” Maybe in the next election cycle, no? TruBlue will do the reviews; kaya maghanda ka Trublue sa 2010.

In the meantime, we give bonus points to Jack Cariño for linking to our post on the richest Cordillera Congressman.

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13 thoughts on “In Case You Want Peter or Jack To Be Your "Friend"”

  1. Hay naku po! Pati naman ba internet e napasok na rin ng mga politicians. Ay ina met…sana ung mga nasa net e qualified voters…wehehe…like me…kaso di naman ako tag Baguio…haaay…ay ina manen…


  2. TruBlue will definitely focus his eagle eyes over Baguio’s radical transmutations of policians. 2010 will be different, not a crime to hope and dream…heck, Mr. Malimban and Ms Abuel might run for elective office by then..hmmmm.


  3. Hi FBI,
    Hehe, iyung mga puno nga at mga bato sa atin eh ginagamit ng mga politicians, internet pa kaya? At least sa internet, walang punong masisira dahil hindi na kailangan ang papel. Also, it is interactive kaya the voters can tell them what they think. Sayang nga lang, pareho tayong hindi taga Baguio 🙂 Thanks again.

    Hi TruBlue,
    Hehe, you are giving ideas to Attys. Malimban and Abuel ha 🙂

  4. Siraulo rin mga Carino…hehehe. I mean, nagrereklamo sila ngayon tungkol sa “uglification” of Baguio pero ang dami nilang dinonate at binenta na lupa. Kung di nila binenta di rin siguro madedecongest ang Baguio.

    I can’t agree with the BLIST project to decongest Baguio. My opinion here is that it will not decongest Baguio but rather it will congest the BLIST area. The metro Manila idea did not decongest the capital but it congested it.

  5. Jack says that Baguio was designed for 25,000 people only … so the rest are contributing to the uglification of Baguio???

    If my understanding is correct, kasali ngata isuna dita 25,000 nga bilang? hahahahah

  6. Hi Betelnut,
    I also do not think that the BLIST idea will decongest Baguio. Ang problema kasi talaga natin is overpopulation. Authorities can create as many Metro areas as they want but if they don’t do anything about the rapid population growth magiging “ugly” lahat ang lugar.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Yes I think planners designed the city for only 25k people. Ay no siyak ah ket pati diyay 25k ket they are also contributing to the uglification of Baguio.

  7. Bill, hindi lang yun, A BLIST will de-Igorotize Southerh Benguet. Pangasinan itself has is double to population of the whole COrdilleras. Kahit “re-inforcement” galing sa CAR, hindi uubra. Sana di talaga matuloy.

    Masyado kasing attractive ang waether and business climate sa highlands. I also think that it will make the vegetable supply in Benguet decline. Kasama ang La Trinidad. Maaaning mangyari sa La Trinidad ang nangyari sa Camp 7..nawala yung agricultural potentials. Salad Bowl pa man din ang Benguet, especially La Trinidad.

    Mga officials talaga ng baguio, gustong gustong pestehin ang kapitbahay. Bakita ko nga may balak gumawa ng bagong dumping site sa Itogon. I made a long post about it in BCO(mejo narcissistic pa nga eh..hehe).

    Although I am pro-diversity. Ayaw ko naman mangyari na maging minors tayo sa sarili nating teritoryo. Ang pangit.

    Really, the proposal is bothering me a lot.

  8. Hi Bill:

    I don’t really mind if you re-post said comment.

    You’ve put the term ‘uglification’ another way and by doing do, the ongoing discourse continues to be enriched.

    Anyway, I could not find the related comment you’ve mentioned —
    2007/02/candon-citys-igorot — but I have an inkling who he is, probably an im_____tor.

  9. betelnut;
    sira ulo ang mga carino?please expound, because from my understanding, the land of the carinos is still rightfully theirs, they were cheated out of what is now known as camp john hay and a vast area of what is now known as loakan, camps 1-7 session road and surrounding roads, campo sioco (named after sioco carino fyi, marcos highway, hillside qm and almost all land known as baguio city were GRABBED, not donated, read your history books. whatever land was sold private and for residential purposes.

  10. Jack says that Baguio was designed for 25,000 people only … so the rest are contributing to the uglification of Baguio???

    If my understanding is correct, kasali ngata isuna dita 25,000 nga bilang? hahahahah

    25 thousand people, well unless youre family was in baguio when the original design of Baguio was finalized, THEN YES, I GUESS YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THE UGLIFICATION OF BAGUIO, DUH!!!! If ALL the people who migrated to baguio since the 60’s (and the generations that were bourne to them) LEAVE BAGUIO, well thats decongestion. Oh and yes I believe that the original Baguio Igorots are the only ones included in the 25k. So i believe that includes Jack, sika ti haan nga nabilang ditta.

  11. Hi Anonymous (11:15)
    That’s an improper remark from Betelnut. I should have deleted it but s/he stated here that s/he’s a part of the Cariño clan so I just let it stand. Whether it is true or not is another matter of course but what we do here is to give people the benefit of the doubt but at the same time to take things with a grain of salt.

    Anyway, I believe that what happened to the Cariño land in Baguio is a historical injustice done by the government. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Anonymous (11:23)
    As I said somewhere in this blog, Jack deserves credit for bringing up this matter for public discussion. Thanks.

  12. hello again, thank you for clarifying, also mr. betelnuts seems to me to be from the carino’s of candon, along with richard carino and robin padilla. forgive me for clarifying this, but the carino’s of baguio (im married to a carantes, a branch of the carinos of baguio) have not made any claim to having relatives from candon. they have a very organized family tree and can trace their roots to before mateo and bayosa there seems to be no branch extending to candon. for further clarifications, mr/ms betelnut you may contact the Carino Foundation at the Baguio Midland Courier Office in kisad rd; baguio city

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