The Week: 04.02-08.07

NOT SO FAST iTABUKS, YOU DON’T HAVE A CITY YET. The bill converting Tabuk into a city lapsed into law last March 30 but the whiny, bratty, clubbish, “kami lang ang may karapatang maging siyudad at sa amin lang ang revenue allotment” League of Cities in the Philippines filed a petition before the Supreme Court questioning the legality of the law. Now the iTabuks will have to wait for the SC decision before they hold a plebiscite to approve or reject Tabuk’s cityhood.

SAD. SAD. SAD. Fr. Francisco Madhu an Indonesian Catholic priest based in Lubuagan, Kalinga was killed while preparing for mass last Palm Sunday. The Kalinga-Apayao clergy has condemned the killing. The police reportedly organized a manhunt for the killers. The motive still remains a mystery to the police which, given its sorry track record in solving crimes, would have a better chance if it hires Sherlock Holmes, or the Hardy Boys, or maybe even Nancy Drew.

COMMISSIONER BRAWNER ON ABRA: “The once violence-torn province will be something to behold come the May 14 polls as we undertake steps in connection with the peaceful conduct of the elections in Abra.” Sana magdilang anghel ang ating kailiyan.

BOKOD FOLKS TO MINING FIRM: NOT SO FAST, MISTER. Residents of Barangay Bobok in Bokod, Benguet opposed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between their local government and Magellan Metals for the conduct of a mine exploration in their village. They allege that the MOA was signed without their participation and that “the exploration would deprive them of their water needs as the proposed site is their source of water.”

TULGAO FOLKS TO GEOTHERMAL FIRM: NICE TRY, BUT WE DON’T LIKE YOU. For the second time, Tulgao residents reject a proposal to build a geothermal plant in their area. They believe that the plant would “undermine their ancestral domain and might give rise to a tribal war because of a possible boundary dispute with the adjoining barangay.”

SAGADA COFFEE, CIVET CATS, AND ONE MIXED-UP WRITER. This story on civet cats and how they eat coffee berries and produce coffee droppings which then becomes the most expensive coffee in the world got me confused. And maybe its because whoever wrote that story is mixed up himself/herself. The story portrays iSagadas as civet cat killers who do not know gold when they stumble on it. Stupid, stupid mountain villagers need a patronizing businessman from Manila and their ex-mayor cum presidential gofer to tell them that civet cats are good.

Lubuagan Weaving bested other contestants from different parts of the country “by winning the Best Booth Award in garments, gifts, toys and house wares category in the March 14-18 national trade fair at SM Mega Mall” in Manila.

In case you would be heading to Ifugao this summer, you might want to check out the Ifugao Summer Sale in Lamut. The sale which opened last April 4 will go on until May 31. Products on display include gift wares, house wares, baskets, garments, wood carvings, loom woven items, processed foods, organic food, handicrafts, agricultural products, fish products and fruits and vegetables. You might also have the chance to taste the native produced Japanese fish called “yuyu” which are raised in the highland rice terraces of Banaue, Hungduan, Hingyon, Tinoc, Asipulo, Kiangan, Mayoyao and Aguinaldo.


6 thoughts on “The Week: 04.02-08.07”

  1. Bill – if ever they run 5k or 10k race in CAR except Abra, let’s make g-string the mandatory attire!! Never done before, why not start now. That would surely bring out all our female counterparts to cheer..hehe. Never donned a g-string in my life but I’ll do it this time…hmmmmm.
    medyo darasudos samet…goodhealth.
    Nice picture though..


  2. trublue, that’s a truly nice idea… i’d do everything to go and cheer… hehehe

    Guessed what Bill, am goin’ to the Ifugao Summer Sale today. Thanks for mentioning it. I hope to get nice wedding gifts there (gifts – plural) kase everyone i know seemed to be getting married this summer.

  3. Hi TruBlue,
    Haha, that would be quite a sight. But don’t you think the g-string would get in the way. I can’t imagine running with a g-string. You should have gone to St. Mary’s in Sagada because donning a g-string is mandatory during its foundation day.

    Hi Ferri,
    Hope you were able to find the gifts you wanted. Yeah summer is really the marrying month especially the “Marry Month of May”. Maganda ding magpakasal ngayon kasi election time he he.

  4. Why should people talked about kalinga while in fact they don’t care about e,websites etc they just don’t care…i should have done a lot if peoplke in kalinga notices it..i’ve been trying to promote internet as means of promoting our province but to no avail..fucking kalinga website for compliance sake that gains a thousand from our tax..and now they are forcing me to be an officer of what they called “kalinga mountaineering”LOLS we can only be called by such name if we have the proper gear supported by LGU..i can comment on that,i have been to military before…but please naman KALINGA LGU give us some fund para madeclare or maprotect naman ang binaratan…

  5. by the way nung panahon namin sa CARAA sisiw lang ang 5k kaya nga halos kami ang PALARO ng CAR sa long dashes….pero ngayon so sad……kahit dagupan bulanao nun sisiw pa pero ngayon wala e………

  6. Hi Nats,
    Thanks for you comment. I think people will eventually care about e-matters because it is the future. Kahit gusto nila o hindi the internet will be a part of our daily lives (like in other countries) and those who will not care will be totally lost and clueless.

    Like you, I’m a little disappointed that our LGUs are not really giving attention to their websites in and using the internet to facilitate services and in their communication with us citizens. Or at least man lang, in helping build online communities. Hehe, a bit disappointing sila ano?

    What is encouraging is that private individuals like you have websites like Kalinga Tambayan that is facilitating the discussions of our kailiyans :-).

    Hope your LGU will do help you financially in protecting Mt. Binaratan.

    About CARAA: Siguro ti athletes gamin tatta ket aglugluglugan da iti tricycle imbes nga tarayen da diyay Bulanao-Dagupan.

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