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So I was googling my time away and found the picture above. He is identified as a man from Butbut, Tinglayan and is supposed to be modeling the indigenous weave of Kalinga. The picture is part of a book called Sinaunang Habi which was published by former Senator Nikki Coseteng.

Which of the following would best describe your reaction to the photo above:

A. Oy cute.
B. What the fuck?
C. Wow legs. But why is he made to wear flowers?
D. Okay lang sana kung taga Lubon, Tadian.
E. Hah. Here comes the objectification of the Igorot/iCordillera man.
F. A warrior from the deepest part of Kaigorotan will come to hunt you ex-Senator Coseteng for doing this. [This comment is adopted from W. Gacusana’s controversial video.]
G. All of the above.

You can pick as many as you want. Better yet, write your reaction in the comment section. You will find more pictures from Sinaunang Habi below.

From left to right: Models are identified to be from Maligcong, Bontoc; a Gaddang of Paracelis; and a Tingguian from Canyugan, Bangued.

No accompanying captions for these photos but I’m sure they are from Cordi.

PHOTO CREDITS: Sinaunang Habi [via Nick Wallace and uoregon].

10 thoughts on “Pictures of the Day”

  1. Thank you for the reference and image.

    What is with the flower ? ‘ do not get the artist on this one…or I could not get why the model allowed a flower for an accessory on this one…Other than that, well crafted presentation.

  2. Might be a statement indicating he’s a “gay cordilleran”, and of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. I cheer him for it. Goodhealth….

  3. Did you notice how we got distracted by the flower…The book is suppose to be about ancestral weaving, saan aya?

    What is with the flower indeed?

  4. I, for one, was never distracted by the flower. It was just odd to see someone in igorot/cordillera costume with an odd ornament.
    Besides, who cares to read about da former senator’s book, not me for sure..hehe….Cheers.

  5. I echo the sentiments above: what is with the flower? It’s too big and striking not to notice. But hey, WOW LEGS! =)

  6. This is a case where the model’s physical appeal become the object more than the supposed ancestral weave.

    Kaya siguro inilagay ang bulaklak…to suggest what trublue said.

    To the model, I know you are a human being also so sorry that we have to poke fun at the book at your expense.

  7. Hi Kayni,
    Thanks. The flower and the legs do get one’s attention no?

    Hi Anonymous (12:28)
    You’re welcome. Yup that flower is kind of odd but maybe that was the intention… to come up with an odd picture. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    That may well be the message. And, yes, nothing wrong with that. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous (8:56)
    Yup that flower is attention getting. And it does tend to draw away from the topic (indigenous weave). Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    The Gaddang outfit is also interesting no? I don’t know whether they really wear it like that or just imagination of the artist/photographer.

    Siguro socialites like your friend L. Cruz will buy the book to put on their coffee tables (because its a coffee table book, if I’m not mistaken). Thanks.

    Hi Layad,
    Aba, kayong mga ladies ang naka-notice sa legs ah (aside from the flower of course). Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous (5:41)
    Tama ka diyan. The model actually deserves kudos for being okay in posing like that no? Thanks.

  8. Hi Nats,
    Yup. I think the photographers (or maybe the publishers) are exercising their right to practice “artistic license”. Thanks.

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