Congress Watch: Domogan Gets Important Post

So we were preparing to diss Baguio Congressman Mauricio Domogan with words like, “Boo, he does everything GMA bids him to do but he is not rewarded at all with an important position in Congress.” It turns out that our imagined reason for dissing him is no longer valid.

Why? Well, he just got himself an important position in Congress. Domogan now heads the congressional component of the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal, the body which decides the election protests filed against members of the Lower House. No doubt he will continue to do GMA’s bidding there but at least he got some reward for his loyalty to GMA.

Congratulations to you sir. We will eat our words for now. We still don’t like your being such a GMA rah-rah boy but at least you got something from being one.

Another Cordillera Congressman who heads a Congressional committee is Benguet Rep. Samuel Dangwa who took over the chairmanship of the committee on National and Cultural Communities (NCC) from Ifugao Rep. Solomon Chungalao. We are not too excited with this committee because it’s not really that competitive (in the sense that it is most often given to someone from an IP or indigenous peoples background). Still, a chairmanship is a chairmanship so let’s also congratulate Congressman Dangwa.

We are not yet sure if the other Cordillera Representatives will be able to get any significant positions but we doubt if they will.

Question: Name the only Cordillera Congressman who chaired a significant (i.e., not the NCC thing) congressional committee?

Answer: Mt. Province Rep. Victor Dominguez. He chaired the House Committee on Games and Amusement during the time of President Fidel Ramos. So we may not like him but we also give him credit.

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5 thoughts on “Congress Watch: Domogan Gets Important Post”

  1. Such a dandy post for MaDo (I’ll call him MaDo from now on, hehe..).
    So upon assuming that post, he’ll just sit on JoMo’s election’s protests against him, GIGO at it’s very best! Cheers regardless….

  2. Ew. Mang Morris is so meek. He should have the balls to cut clean from GMA it’s not as if Baguio needs GMA!!!!! Excuse me, Baguio can run on it’s own economy without being sipsip to GMA. Anya ngata nakan na?

    What! Lakay Samuel, the leader of the Committee on Silence heading an indigenous rights body???? Who will push for IP initiatives then? It’s good to be silent especially if you are surrounded by congressional morons but surely we need someone more vocal for that post….

  3. Hi Trublue,
    Oops, I think I should edit the post. The HRET is the body which decides protests against members of the House which involve the recounting of votes and not all election protests. JoMol’s protest is a disqualification case against Domogan and so it is lodged with the COMELEC. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Nashman,
    I agree with you. My disappointment with him comes from the fact that of all the Cordi Reps I expected him to be THE example of the Igorot’s sense of fairness and independence (after all he didn’t need any political backer or a money-machine because he was elected by the independent-minded people of Baguio) but he decided to enslave himself to GMA and — this is the greater sin — brought patronage politics to Baguio (giving insurance cards to election inspectors).

    Hope he retires in 2010 because if he doesn’t I’m afraid he can only win by distributing millions worth of insurance cards which he will then assert is not vote buying because it was his party (and not him) who distributed it. Oops uminit yata ulo ko doon hehe.

    Hehehe. Baka naman this will give Rep. Dangwa the opportunity to speak up. Or baka it will force him to do so. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Apologies for not blogging about that, I think the Voice of Kalinga has some post on this but will blog about it soon. Thanks.

  4. Nahhh Bill! This will not give Rep. Sammy D the tongue. The more it will eat him up. I hope he’ll prove me wrong.

    MaDo used to be cool. Scary effect when you get too ‘comfy’ with your chair, you’ll do anything to keep it. It must be hot! hihihi…

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