Photos of the Day & Your Questions Please

We’re sure you are already familiar with our kailiyans Capt. Ruben Guinolbay (Ifugao) and Capt. Dante Langkit (Kalinga), two good men who are presently incarcerated by the Evil Empire. For new visitors to the blog, you might want to check out the following links for our previous coverage of these two officers: Our “Mutineers”; The List: Captain Ruben Guinolbay; More on Captain Guinolbay; Soldiers, Rebels, and Rebel Soldiers.

Now, it turns out that the Empire is also holding captive another kailiyan in its smelly dungeons. Thanks to Ellen Tordesillas who sent us these photos and who alerted us about Capt. Joey Fontiveros. Here’s Ellen’s note:

I just found out that you have another kailiyan among the men-of-honor currently detained in Camp Capinpin: Capt. Joey Fontiveros

Danzel Langkit told me last week that Capt. Fontiveros is also from Kalinga. He is the batchmate of Capt. Ruben Guinolbay at the PMA. (Class ’95).
Thanks, Ellen. We hope Capt. Fontiveros is doing okay under the circumstances. You should check out Ellen’s blog for more coverage of the junior military officers who are imprisoned by the Evil Empire.

On another note, we’d like to know if you have any questions about Captain Guinolbay which you would want us to ask his lawyer, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles. The good attorney consented to an email interview about Captain Guinolbay and the case(s) he is facing.

We have some questions we’d like to ask but we’re sure you also have some questions in mind. Do write them in the comments. Messages of support to our gallant officers are, of course, very much welcome.

Be warned though that the Evil Empire might label you as a conspirator (if you do ask some questions) or an inspirator (if you write inspirational messages for our kailiyans).

Incidentally, both Ellen and Trixie received death threats for their support of the junior military officers in prison. They must be doing something right if the Evil Empire is afraid of them.

Again, please help us come up with questions for the good attorney. Thanks.

RELATED POSTS: Our “Mutineers”; The List: Captain Ruben Guinolbay; More on Captain Guinolbay; Soldiers, Rebels, and Rebel Soldiers. PHOTO CREDIT: Ellen Tordesillas.

10 thoughts on “Photos of the Day & Your Questions Please”

  1. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. I’m not exactly sure either. Will ask his lawyer 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    Thanks. Mukhang marami pala tayong kailiyan na nasa kulungan a. Thanks again. Will check him out.

  2. taga saan sa ifugao si guinolbay? is it true he was tortured? did he felt he betray his country?

  3. My questions for them would be, What keeps them going? What strengthens them these days? What advice would they give new PMA graduates?

  4. marami pala taga kalinga na officer din pati mga privates na abswelto noon….pero what i tear most is my “my lord!!! ang tawagan sa PMA, class 2001 ranger…can’t reveal his name but deep inside of me i am bursting unto anger!!!!!di sya taga cordillera pero naging platoon leader ko sa FTX training….tagabantay din nya akjo sa bravo company…….masakit lang sa akin ang mga NPA my tinatawag na amnesty pero sila na walang dumanak na dugo walang amnesty!!!!!!!

  5. I have not heard of Capt. Guinolday having been tortured. But Capt. Dante Langkit was put in solitary confinement for 10 months. Up to now, he is separated from the other detainees. he is confined at the ISAFP compund in Fort Bonifacio.

    Esperon wants him to turn against Brig.Gen. Danny Lim. Capt. Langkit continues to hold on to his principle.

    TYou should all be proud of these three officers.

  6. Hi Layad,
    Thanks. Will definitely relay those questions 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    Good point about the amnesty thing. Hopefully, they will get amnesty when the administration changes in 2010. Hope your “lord” is doing okay too. Thanks.

    Hi Ellen,
    Thanks much for the info. That Esperon guy really is something. I hope he’ll be put in solitary confinement in the future. Thanks again.

  7. pagkatao kakayahan ni dante at danzel kaya nilang mamuno at maglingkod,bihira ang taong may magandang mukha at magandang pag katao

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