Boon Award: Government Employees at Work

Remember our Boon Award? As we said in our introductory post here, the Boon Award is our thumbs up sign to our kailiyans who have done (or are doing) good deeds. It is our way of giving recognition to those who are making a positive contribution to our region.

Anyway, this time, we are giving the Boon Award to all government employees who, last July, got out of their offices to help clean streets and drainages. The above photos, courtesy of Art Tibaldo, show us employees from the Department of Trade and Industry (Cordillera) and the Department of Public Works who spent a day clearing Baguio City’s roadsides. Thanks Art.

In case you missed our previous Boon Awardees, here are the links: La-Trinidad Mayor Artemio Galwan for rejecting bingo in his town; Dr. Evelyn Taguiba for leading her school to the internet age; and the Bibaknets Educational Subsidy Fund for its scholarship program.

Ngayon, kung gusto mo namang maasar, here are the links to our Boo “You are Doing a Bad Thing” Award: Baguio City officials for objecting to the cityhood status of Tabuk City, Kalinga and Baguio Judge Fernando Vil Pamintuan who reversed the decision of a co-equal judge.

If you know of any kailiyan who deserves either the Boon or the Boo Award, please inform us. Thanks 🙂

PHOTO CREDIT: Art Tibaldo.

16 thoughts on “Boon Award: Government Employees at Work”

  1. On the current issue of Midland Courier (internet edition), the mayoralty debacle as to who their supposed Mayor is still raging Tuba, Benguet. If anyone is interested to read the whole script, it’s under “Weeks Mail”.
    Anyways, if the writer “Maricris”
    claims are factual, then we should give the “Boo Award” to Jimmy Laking for his “one-sided” journalistic demeanor. He is frequently carving good words to a certain candidate but none whatsoever on the other one.
    Bill, paki-check mo diay diploma na daytoy, want to ensure it’s not from Claro M. Recto..hehehe….TruBlue is already making an advance apology
    so this will not spill worldwide.

  2. Hehehe, sika met. No need to investigate diploma because journalists don’t need diploma to write.

    Actually, upon reading Jimmy’s article, I didn’t get the sense that it was “one-sided”. But maybe Maricris has more basis for her claims.

    Since we do not know what is what really, wala munang Boo award. Hehe. Thanks 🙂

  3. Walang diploma ang mga journalists?
    Abah..baka puede akong right-hand man ni Mr Ramon Dacawi. Under this good man’s tutelage, I might have a good career ahead of me, hehe (di ba Lovelyn? can you ask him?)

    I myself, didn’t actually read Mr Laking’s editorial coz I didn’t know where it was. Sige, antayin
    natin how this story ends.

  4. Yup, madaming magaling na journalists na walang diploma. I think you will make a good journalist 🙂

    Here is the link to the story I read. Pero baka there are more stories written by him which we haven’t read which gave Maricris the reason to complain.

    Thanks for alerting us about the story. It is indeed interesting to see how it will be resolved. My guess is that the protest will go unresolved until the next elections.

  5. Sika met, why applaud too much people who are doing their job? Trabaho nila yun deba?

    I guess it’s a sad thing. Most officials don’t do their job well that when they do, we notice.


    PS. Maraming tao ang walang diploma, Churchill, John Major, Bill Gates….in fact, I know some Recto University ‘engineers’ who, through their own hardwork, deserve the title….

  6. Journalism wasn’t an appealing course during the 60’s, and if I could rewind my life, it’s something I would do. But I’ll
    probably be inundated with libelous suits from all directions
    coz “only da truth and nothing but da truth” will be my ideals. Heck, I’ll even write about my younger sister (RN abroad) who is a con-artist, and more than willing to put those “cuffs” on her…hehehe. Pati ako, na onetwothree niya. She deserves nothing but BOO Award, serious!
    Sige Nashman, do more research on those w/o diplomas, I’m not alone pala! Cheers and goodhealth!

  7. Hi Nashman,
    Hehehe, baka kasi new visitors will think that all we do is support alleged government mutineers and criticize OWWA.

    Nagkataon lang na Art took pictures of DPWH employees. What I know is that all government offices had to do a day of linis kalsada thing so its outside of their usual work na which is kind of remarkable hehe. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Kaya pala nagkakasundo tayo because I’m also about truth-telling which is really sorely lacking sa Pinas hehe. Journalism isn’t too late for you, my friend. Interestingly, I think it has become an appealing course for youngsters.

    Hmmm, si Noli de Castro yata ay walang diploma. But I’m not 100% sure.

    Didn’t know what John Major does not have a diploma.

  8. Yup, John Major went straight out of high school level (he didn’t even bother to get A-levels) into the real world.

    Blas Ople, another journalist, also didn’t do univ.

    Noli has a business degree.

    So you see, diplomas are over-rated!

    But not so in an overpopulated country like the Philippines.

  9. Agree with Bill, not yet late for Trublue to pursue journalism. May mawawalan ng trabaho dyan 🙂

  10. I’ve read Mr Laking’s comments and agree that hindi naman one-way but the way “Maricris” sounded lately
    is an indication there must be more writings we haven’t seen.

    Uy Lovelyn, real lolo na ako to a six months old boy (TBIII). Kung mag-aral ako even a crash course, imagine da titser asking me who is my guardian, kung absent ako ng absent sa class, where will I get an “absence excuse slip” from?hehehe….I’ll write for free….

    Bill, the sad part on journalism is that it’s proliferating with nowhere for graduates to work. A nephew graduated a few years back and working as a disc jockey for a radio station. Di naman umaangal so he’s like a happy frog just sitting there…….Cheers!

  11. Hi Bill,
    Are you interested on problogging for the environment? Your niche can be the whole Philippines and not only Cordillera(to have more material, if you are.) Don’t worry you can quote news or say it in you own words. Just drop me a comment and I will refer you. Only 4 posts a week.

  12. Hi Nashman,
    Thanks much 🙂

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Heheh, madaming mawawalan ng trabaho kung sakali 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Yup, maybe he wrote stories we haven’t read.

    No, you don’t have to go to school to be a journalist 🙂 Actually you were a journalist already when you did the Tayaotao reports and updates 🙂

    That’s true. It became an attractive profession but there’s not a lot of opportunities for them. In a way, lucky pa rin ang inyong nephew because he is a disc jockey. Oy may mga fans ang mga disc jockeys a 🙂

    Hi mygoodfinds,
    Sure. Will grab any opportunity where i can make dollars hehe. I left a comment in your blog. Thanks 🙂

  13. Trublue,

    Conrado de Quiros, my favorite Philippine Daily Inquirer writer did not finish college. The late Sen. Blas Ople, a bombastic speaker and prolific writer, did not finish college.

    When do we visit your blog? 🙂

  14. Hah! Cheryl,honestly, I wanted to create my own blog, but I wasn’t born to be one. For some reason, my two kids aren’t into these but am sure they can help me set it up. They set up my pc and email passwords so my email and my wife’s is open to them, which we didn’t mind.
    But there’s always hope, hehe.. I will dedicate another four hours punching these keys…..
    Cheers as always

  15. I know of another kailyan, a General in the PNP who is now retired after he got tired of the “jealousy at the top”. He used to be a Tuba policeman while persuing his degree. He is a kailyan from Baguio, an Ibaloi who does not want to be in the “spotlight”.
    F. Woolery

  16. Hi Chyt,
    Oo nga pala ano, I forgot about Conrad de Quiros, my favorite columnist who didn’t finish college. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Hah, I will teach you when you come here hehe. But you might want to start by clicking here. Then follow the directions. Cheers 🙂

    Hi Frank,
    Wow. That’s something, to be able to rise to the top. Too bad he wouldn’t want to be on the spotlight, otherwise we will do a feature on him. Thanks again.

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