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A Toronto Tragedy

Also, check out the fundraising update here and a video report from Ifugao here.

The Filipino Association of Vaughn, Philippine Independence Day Council and the Ifugao Association of Canada are inviting the media, other Filipino organizations, and anyone who wish to help Jocelyn Dulnuans family, to a fund raising event this Saturday. Oct. 6, 5pm at Patricia Kemp Community Center. 7894 Dufferin St.(Dufferin/Center St) Vaughn.

The purpose of the fund raising is to raise funds in order to bring Jocelyn to her family in the Philippines.

For more information, please contact:
Imie Belanger

Linda Insigne
President of the Filipino-Canadian Association of Vaughn
416 670 4498

UPDATE 6: Here’s a collection of links on this story:
Toronto Star: $10,000 to send maid’s body home. Filipino community is rallying to help family get victim home with fundraiser. More here.

Inquirer: Ifugaos start fund drive to bring home slain Filipina. More here. Also reports on the fund raising here. And has a lead which may or may not turn out to be true: Maid may have known her killer.

UPDATE 5: Thank God government officials changed their tune. But let’s see if they will deliver. From GMA-7: “Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo instructed Consul General Alejandro Mosquera in Toronto to extend full assistance to the bereaved family of Jocelyn Dulnuan.”

The GMA report adds that “Romulo‚Äôs instruction includes assistance in repatriating the remains of Dulnuan to the Philippines”. More here.

Let’s hope that government officials will walk the talk.

This update is from Imie Belanger who is coordinating the efforts of the different support groups for Jocelyn Dulnuan in Toronto:

I just came from a meeting with the Migrante-Ontario, and various group representatives including Faye Hangdaan and Jaimie Gatawa.

We have formed a Jocelyn Dulnuan Support Committee – to be the responsible body for this case. This is in order to coordinate all the actions from everyone such as the friends of Jocelyn, community groups, and other individuals and businesses.

We are receiving tremendous support from local groups, however, we want to push for the Philippine Consulate, the Philippine Government and OWWA to recognise this as their responsibility.

The truth is that the handling of a Filipino Citizen in a foreign land – most specially those OFWs are the responsibility of the Consulate and does not fall on the community. Our fund raising effort will include helping the family who have just lost their sole bread winner from this tragedy.

I will update you more later on tomorrow. The account will be Jocelyn Dulnuan Fund, will be activated late Friday afternoon at any TD Canada Trust bank.

Thank God for our kailiyans in Toronto and other Filipino groups who are assuming a responsibility that should be borne by our government. We support their call for the government to assume this as its responsibility.

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9 thoughts on “Jocelyn Dulnuan Updates”

  1. $10 thousand bucks to send a dead body to the Philippines?! That’s almost an equivalent of 10 people travelling from Toronto to RP oneway…Best of Luck to all the fundraising events to raise money for her sorrowful return.

  2. It’s so good to hear that kailyans abroad are doing their best to help in this tragic event. I also congratulate their efforts to raise funds for Jocelyn’s family. Blessings to all!

  3. Hi Bill!
    Yeah I just got a personal email from a friend in Canada telling me about the story of Jocelyn. How sad! Sadder still is the hypocrisy of the GMA admin on this case versus that of the Campbell case. Good article and comparison, Bill.

    Hi Trublue, yeah, it really does cost that much to send a dead body back home to Pinas…isn’t it ironic?

    Sigh. My sincere condolence to her family.

  4. Long time no hear Omom. Nag-around the world kan samet. Napuskol unayen ti tapok didiay blog mo..hehehe…..Sige, we’ll give you time to recover.
    Cheers to you and everyone!

  5. Ay inayan pay. Shamelessly affluent met nan employers Jocelyn. Ay mano lang met para ken daida nan $10,000.00 ay ited da asnan employee da ay natey?

    Nothing much is said about Jocelyn’s employers and where they were when the murder happened.
    We will appreciate info from those in the know.

  6. may she rest in peace, i still believed in canadian police they are fair in investigation and advance forensic investigation…. may the killer who lives in mansion goes to jail…and live life like in zoo….marami sya kasama na taga kalinga na nag cross country that e mails me…how i wish that big mansion in the picture turns to jail…

  7. Such a big house those people who hired her have, yet there has to be a fundraiser to send the poor girl’s body home? Her employers must have no class…

  8. it is very sad to hear that one of us passes away in a foreign land. CONDOLENCE to Jocelyn’s family. it is a good feeling to know that co-Igorots in Canada are working hand in hand. 15,000 canadian is a lot of money to us but the property insurance of a 15 million mansion is for them peanuts as well as the employers so why don’t they contribute?

  9. Hi Trublue,
    I also didn’t know that it’s that expensive. Best of luck indeed to the people helping her.

    Hi Layad,
    Yup, their work makes us not lose faith in the goodness of our fellow human beings ano.

    Hi Omom,
    Thanks. Let’s hope that the government’s recent pronouncement that it will extend help will turn out to be true and that it will be speedy help.

    Hi Trublue,
    Oo nga, I’m glad she’s back. I missed her blog posts as well.

    Hi Chyt,
    Owen ya. Maybe its a cultural thing. Sa Pinoy kasi, we do go out of our way para tulungan trabahador natin.

    But then again, maybe they are helping silently.

    Hi Nats,
    Like you, I also believe that the police will do their job in this case. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous,
    As I said to Chyt above, maybe it’s a cultural thing. And maybe they are helping behind the scenes but wouldn’t want to make it known. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Stories like this are really tragic. Good thing that people are helping, we hope they continue to do so. Again, maybe her employers are helping but we just don’t know about it. Thanks.

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