GMA News Update on Rep. Victor Dominguez

According to this GMA report, a necrological service for the late Mt. Province Congressman is scheduled at the House of Representatives this coming Tuesday, February 12.

UPDATE: Those of you who have a wikipedia account might want to contribute to the wikipedia entry on Congressman Dominguez here.

UPDATE 2: From Jeff Dominguez via the comments section: The remains of the Hon. Rep. Victor Dominguez will lie in state at his residence in Military Cut-off, Baguio City from the evening of 12 Feb until 15 Feb ‘08. Funeral and Interment Services will be conducted on 16 Feb ‘08 at the same place. His remains will not be buried at Sabangan as previous reports narrated.

UPDATE 3: Here’s a link to Rep. Dominguez’s congressional page which lists his committee memberships as well as the bills he filed in Congress.

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  1. The remains of the Hon. Rep. Victor Dominguez will lie in state at his resindece in Military Cut-off, Baguio City from the evening of 12 Feb til 15 Feb ’08. Funeral and Interment Services will be conducted on 16 Feb ’08 at the same place. His remains will not be buried at Sabangan as previous reports narrated.

  2. Condolence to Mrs. Josiephine dC Dominguez, her children and grandchildren.
    May you be comforted by those people around you.

    And to all the people of Mountain Province…let us go down on our knees and pray for a true and dignified leader…

    1)one WITH A DEEP REVERENCE AND FEAR OF GOD (so he will loath corruption and greed and not just take advantage of his position to amass wealth for his own)

    2)one WHO HAS THE HEART TO SINCERELY SERVE HIS CONSTITUENTS (by avoiding friends and family members to get involved in any government business or putting them in positions)

    3)one WHO HAS IN HIS MIND TO DO ALL HE CAN TO UPLIFT THE CONDITION OF HIS PROVINCE (by making sure that every tax payer’s money is spent appropriately)


    God help Mountain Province!!!

  3. wow! until to the last breath he is still “praise” with flying colors ha! common! let us not be hypocrites to tell the truth about him! or are u telling all these because he is already dead? there are 2 parts that death can do in a person….one is to be remember for the good and 2nd is to be remember for the bad….MP people,can each one of us speak out what was the greatest thing that he did? for our province? well not to qoute: the MP roads was almost 25 years UNDER CONSTRUCTION! how owns the latest models of cars in the province? isnt it the people who are in his hands….the “papasurot”. wow! genuine legacy of leadership? that must be completely correct if u continued it these way: genuine leader of corruptions! next: who owns the big buildings in the province? its all the right hands? ask how much is there salary in a month to put up those assests….. how much is the salary of being a congressman????? so u can own every thing u want…. instead of giving to the poor people of MP who needs help…. what a shame to read in the news that one of the leading poorest province is MP.. and there u are saying he was a good servant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yeah its time for MP to take a deep breath cos after all its now free from the jail in the hands of a “martial law leader”.

  5. Oh…please read again…I DID NOT refer at all to the late congressman…what i meant was…LET US PRAY FOR SOMEBODY WHO IS…because he was never these kind of a leader…UNDERSTAND???? that’s why i said let us pray for a true and dignified leader…meaning…he wasn’t this kind of a leader…MAAWATAM???

  6. It is sad to see this solon leave his province (he has so longly represented) still struggling and deeply buried in corruption and poverty. It is more disheartening to see him leave his family (meaning his clan) divided because of politics and greed.

    As we quote from the Bible…Matthew 16:26
    What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?…

    What good will it be for a “leader” if he gains all the money and power yet loses the respect of his family and relatives, his dignity and honor because of greed.

    May I quote from one of the columnists in a widely circulated newspaper in baguio city…

    ‘Why is it that we do not mourn his passing? That’s the problem when you stay too long. Instead of shedding tears, they say “good riddance.”‘

    a very very long time public servant who has not truly served the public.

  7. ay apo!!! let’s mourn for him. he’s dead na!!but up to this moment we are still there giving comments. If u are on his shoes..ano????

  8. you know what??? you don’t know what you are mourning for…you mourn for those people he left, still in poverty because of his corruption and greed…you mourn for those people who died of accidents caused by the roads that were not fixed properly because the money alloted was not fully used instead was pocketed by him and his so called “contractors”…you mourn for your province because of the many years wasted and corrupted during his very long term…

  9. k fine!!but….nobody is perfect…nobody wants to die in an accident or nobody wants to be poor, this ia God’s will….ngem koma waday koma nabati ay respeto tay ninserbi met laeng cna probinsiya taku…hope naawatam!!!!!

  10. My condolence to the bereaved family of the late congressman dominguez.May his soul rest in peace.Without his scholarship,i would not be where i am now.He has helped a lot of poor students who are deserving,achieved their dreams.Like everyone,he is a human being and not a perfect one.Why don’t we all join hands together and pray for his loved ones that he left behind that they find comfort and peace as well?Hopefully,mountain province will have a strong,respectable,and a proffessional leader soon.

  11. TO ANONYMOUS: How dare you accuse Cong.Dominguez of those lies! everything that had uplifted Natonin from its shell is credited to Cong. Vic. and how dare you speak of mourn when you yourself don’t know how to mourn. RESPECT! siguro you came from a family of untamed breeders…. hahahahahahahahaha…. kaasi ka met!


    to anyone who knows anything about the dominguez family: check out his houses, and his family’s assets. estimate how much they are worth. then, compare that with how much a congressman makes a month. less than 50K/month. where is the difference coming from? go figure. you dont have to be very smart to do so.


    to anyone who knows anything about the dominguez family: check out his houses, and his family’s assets. estimate how much they are worth. then, compare that with how much a congressman makes a month. less than 50K/month. where is the difference coming from? go figure. you dont have to be very smart to do so
    BOW AKO SA SINABI MO KAPATID!!!!! TRUE YAN!!!!! yan ang alam ng marami e…parang personal money nya….
    ilife style check sana nila nuh?

  14. Sinong pulitiko ang malinis o nagmamalinis.Sabihin nyo nga.Pare-parehas lnag iyan.May worst nga lang.Ang mga galit ay yung mga hindi naamutan.

  15. jeff dominguez,a relative from the U.S.A wants to communicate with you.What’s your e-mail address? or any link you can provide.

  16. To Jane Goliad: I’m not a recipient of his milliones
    and not angry. Were you a beneficiary?

  17. to trueblue
    I am not in anyway related to cong.dominguez nor am i recipient of his millions.i don’t even live there.i am just expressing my views.he is dead…..Keep throwing stones if you are sinless……………

  18. Sinless people are not the issue here. Your jarringly rude generalization of people, “Ang mga galit ay yung hindi naamutan” is my only disappointment. Such an inference though is well taken in this unbiased-blog, as we always “agree to disagree” and furthermore, “to each his/her own in the words of Surfer Wil. Cheers and goodhealth to all.


  20. hi jeff, this is your ate ellen from texas,i had been trying to look for your mom auntie chato and also looking for your email. heard you were in rome. please email me if you read this message.
    ate ellen

  21. all commenters should bravely sign their names and not hide under the word anonymous.thank you.

  22. rose padilla’s post regarding “anonymous” commenters is old news in this blog. So long as anonymous opinions carry rational substance to subject matter, it’s really no big deal, bravery has nothing to do with it. Besides, anyone can write their names as “rose padilla” in every comments, now, what are you gonna do? Cheers to us!

  23. He’s six feet under the ground, we can’t resurrect him to answer accusations nor receive praises anymore. If you are concerned about taxpayer’s money, watch over the still living politicians, government officials and employees, i.e. auditors and accountants,highway engineers,school principals, health officials, government lawyers, supply officers, etc. It’s not hard to find them. Do a little math and it’s easy to spot who’s guilty of corruption, smalltime or bigtime. One rotten tomato exposed every week will help clean the basket. Students of investigative journalism (what’s exactly does it mean?) should be given this as assignment by their college instructors, like cases for nursing students. This should be the job of organized NGO monitoring groups, but there maybe few rotten tomotoes there,too.
    Just my opinion.

  24. Mp road 25 under years construction. Neither it is so because our country is yearly visited by typhoons and heavy rain. So let us be realistic. Further, blame first the direct constructors who tightly budget or made compliance work. However, I think our road is better now than before. Coz before, we traveled Baguio Guinzadan 7 hours with bus now 5 hours. I recommend the commentator to visit the suburb roads in the lowland. The only 5 km road from the hiway to Tanglag, was started 2000 and not yet finish. Coz their tricks is before election 50 to 100 meters one lane was cemented the next 50 meter shall wait for the next election. The result now is the cemented lane is leveled with non cemented lane. Here in this highly developed country Germany, road construction never miss too in time of bad weathers. If the late congressman owned the latest model car, focus your eyes too, to other politicians. Mp is the poorest Prov. Question the Governor of Mp. He is there to answer your problem. I think so that the late congressman Victor Dominguez, was a real public servant. Why did the people re-elected him repeatedly? Corruption? All politicians in the 3rd world or here in this modern world the people called them corrupt. Dear commentator may I shot you back this question. If you are a politician, DO U HAVE THE HEART OF PASSION? The space is wide enough for your answer.

  25. To Igorotak I am very proud being an Igorot, but ashame to read your comment. Better you`ve gone ANONYMOUS Oh! How naive you are. Atti-attik san nemnem mo.Sure, it was the taxpayers money used for scholarship. The late congressman Victor Dominguez, wisely used the peoples money for the people. This is a very great program. I wish the incumbent politician shall further support this program. For the young generations are the HOPE OF THE NATION.


    Clicking on this blog
    You see the Philippine National Flag
    It is to us a R E M I N D E R
    The death of State Father

    Dear people of Mountain Province
    If you still have a good conscience
    Let us think of Victor Dominguez, and pray
    Today is ALL SAINTS DAY

  27. Cong Dominguez if compared to previous MT. Prov congressmen has still the greatest accomplishment among them all. Secong to him is the late Cong. Hora. Records can prove that. Bakit ano ba nagawa ni Lam-en at Pilando sa mt. prov? meron ba, panay bulbuladas ken palpalastog met. HEHEHE. Cong. Dominguez is a silent man but have help many igorots. T balay na jay manila ket libre nga pagturogan, panganan ken ospital dagiti igorot, haan lng nga tga mt. prov. no d ket pati tga benguet, ikalinga, ifugao ken abra. Dayta ti agpayso nga naprove nga tlga, haan nga dagiti chismiss u nga ado ado.

  28. about scholarship, oh common, yes its taxpayers money but does the money just come to u, knock at your doors and say “here i am use me”. Are you stupid? huh! the congressman has to work for that. And that is the most difficult job of the congressman, to lobby for the funds to finance their programs. Sometimes there are people who thinks they are genius but their head is like a coconut shell full of decomposing ideas and evil thoughts.

  29. Cong. Dominguez has so many unique accomplishments in congress. HE WAS THE FIRST CONGRESSMAN IN THE PHILIPPINES TO INITIATE FREE TERTIARY EDUCATION IN HIS PROVINCE. Many congressman appreciated and lauded him in their plenary speech for this. If you dont believe go to Congress and verify the records. Yun nga lng medyo binawi nya kasi nga ginagamit ng mga kalaban nya sa politika, pero ipinag utos nya bago sya mamatay na ibalik din kaya ngayon ibinalik at halos lahat ng students ng MPSPC ay libre ang education. Hindi ba?

  30. I know this is a very late comment but I came across to all the blogs and sharing of people in iBoondock regarding the late V. Dominguez about his accomplishments and/or possible corruption. I went to school in Baguio city for grade and high school and I remember my classmate was a Dominguez, I always thought that they come from a wealthy family they own several buildings in the city, a pharmacy and 2 are Hotels, as far as I know the family has been donating lands for a school, for chapels and churches to be built on. I am not sure thou if they come from the same family but I know they are a Dominguez. So if he belongs to this family I certainly could say it is not the tax payers money that sent him to school or bought his belongings.

  31. To “Me”, Your comment is not yet late. I understand your points. The late V. Dominguez, has no relationship with the Dominguezes, you are talking about. Hence the late congressman has no pharmacy and hotels in Baguio City. He has only his Military Cut-Off residence. For further informations about the late congressman, and how he got his name Dominguez, it was explained in his book in Title: victor S. Dominguez, Apo Lakay of The Igorots. I have one of the said book. Well, V. Dominguez, was generous to his ancestral property. For the sake of the Igorots and people concern.

  32. Speaking out. Fore-parents, parents, uncles, counsins were/are politicians. I was still in my early teens when my father was clamoured to join in the politics. He was busy with his mandate, while we his family were ever-ready at home to entertain the visitors coming and going who saked the help of their councilor. Politicians family must be patience.

    After the monthly session, my father came home with his “perdime” or allowance, which my mother called; “A Drop of Splendid Wine.” The municipality, province my father represented was still young and crawling, one must start the work to make it develop. Father finished his term then relinquished the political responsibilities to the youngers, inspite of people`s continued clamour. He remain a village political leader until his death.

    To us his children, he repeatedly said; “Study! What you learn is for you. Nobody can take it away from you.” With all effort I finished a course then worked at the BIR. (Bureau of Internal Revenue) I came to know the RDO (Revenue District Officer) was new in that district where I was employed. From Baguio City he went to Bontoc, and the old RDO, who came from the province must move somewhere. The new RDO let me handled the Ledger Books. I traveled from district to region in vice versa to scan books. There I found blunders. The little income of the province was not correctly entered. So many open accounts 5 years and even more behind. There were cases that, transactions was closed in district LB but still open in region LB. These all brought me confusion. I am against Graft and Corruption but, 1 or 2 sheeps versus 5 goats was hard to overcome. Call me coward. But! I prefered to shot-up when I cannot put-up. I was only a subordinate during that Marcos, Era. However, I faithfully did my work and forwarded my reports.

    In this case. The politicians are not to be blamed because the blunders was done by a mere BIR officials. The commentator on 04-16-08, was right. The rotten tomatoes was long kept.

    Good! The Ministry of Finance passed a new rule, so on Sept. 1999, the RDO and me attended a seminar on the Collection of Taxes, through the Banking System. This gave great improvement in our taxation. I like and have enjoyed the work but marriage intervened, that I must gave up.

    Here in Germany, the difference between the poor and rich country is very obvious. Their parliamentary form of government is very interesting. Their very disciplined taxation, educational system, health care, social welfare etc. are very envying. I had been writing my families back home, relating them how we are enjoying these priviliges. I can say; “Here.. nobody get hungry.” The Social Welfare is there as Span, to give “stopgap relief and even cash, “tide-over allowances,” to the needy. I really appreciate the imposement of their laws. But! Still CORRUPT, was blurted. There are people Who belittled the bread, shared by their state father. During banwagon the opposition shouted corrupt just to gain favour but when they come in the position they must also hear this word corrupt, because they cannot do better. The German voters can just say; “Politics is a dirty business, but there must be politics or else the state does not exist.”

    Corrupt! Easily slip from our tongue. Maybe because we think and talk faster, as we can really do. Or it is a way to gain favour or destroy one`s reputation.

    Yes! Corruption is really bad, when it is done to satisfy personal interest as mostly happened. But! Corruption is maybe done, when there`s no other alternative. Or corruption is done because it must be done. If possible there must be no corruption.

    Few Igorots have said that, the late Congressman Victor.Dominguez, is corrupt. If so. BUT HE GOT IT FROM THE RICH AND GAVE TO THE POOR. He did not use the money for personal pleasure or life style check, as Igorotak commented on 03-03-08.

    The little amenities that he have. Why it pained you? HE WAS TOO, YOUR SERVANT FOR HOW MANY YEARS.

    That was not a wasted years as was commented. This
    commentator on 02-16-08, have called the MP people to speak out. Yet the MP people have really spoken out. Anylysing the opinion of majority, MP people they are not stupid or dumb,inspite of loud call and
    “preach.” Praise the Lord! Not all Igorots are blind believers. Be proud being an Igorot.

    I also speak out. In Guinzadan,an edifice was built.
    The constractor have pocketed his profit. After few years a teacher paced in the classroom, then her high heel pierced the concrete flooring. That was the start of so many cracks on the concrete floor. This bungle work was reported to Congressman V. Dominguez, during his visit in that place. For school children`s safety, he immediately got another constractor to repair the blunder. The late congressman was a real father, he did his duty the best he could. And he expected that the people around him must also have the sense of responsibility. Alas! Some are only eyeing their profit, that caused downfall.

    I speak here out that, the family clans are not all “White Roses.” There are too, “Red Pricky Roses.” that caused burdens.

    The commentator on 02-16-08, which was the burial day of the late congressman, is somewhat a special person. The freedom of speech was really voiced out. While the faithful people gathered at Military Cut-Off to hear the preached of the priest and joined the prayer for the repose of Lakay Victor. This event remain in our archives.

    Again, I speak out what I have learned during the Church Doctrine, when I was young. “Among the Apostles, there was a JUDAS. Or who does….

    I further speak out what I have learned here in Germany. In his book in titled: Auf der Suche nach einer Offentlichen Moral (On the Search of a Public Moral) The wellknown German Ex-chancellor Helmut Schmidt, have written this Slogan: “Erst Kommt das Fressen,dann Kommt die Moral.”My translation in English: “First Come the Devour, then Come the Moral.” It is good so, if: Moral comes after the Devour. But! In that still developing MP and country Philippines, Albeit Devour, still there was no Public Moral.

    No matter how. I can still say that; “The late Congressman Victor Dominguez, was the precursor of this vanity words: GAWIS AY MOUNTAIN PROVINCE.

    Speaking out from 11,000 Km away, Germany. Lolita Perschbacher

  33. My Corrections: Instead of saked – sought, shot-up – shut up, 1999-1979, anylysing – analysing. The rest are under the corrections of good readers.

    It is just a human to commit mistakes. And it is wise to accept and correct own mistakes. It is also polite to consider, understand and correct other`s mistake. We grow older and we still learn. Learning is forever.

    By the way, it was commented that, MP, is the leading poorest province. I did not read this issue but I just say; “Quasi.” Especially now that the Cairus Lumber is closed, where the most Income of the Province came from. MP, needs the people of MP. Not only the politicians.

    How about the province of Kalinga and Abra? I read in the Baguio Midland Courier through Internet that, according to the Social Welfare Workers` reports it was there where the poorest families are. So the Pres. should or gave them “tide-over” allowances. Each child are alloted with a monthly allowance to avail a meal. I don`t know, if this program really took effect. It is maybe a good program but…

    Critique is also part of learning but your critics came too late. So the person concern cannot correct himselve.

    However, this is a MIRROR to incumbents and coming politicians.

  34. To Ms. Lolita Perschbacher,

    Hi, I didnt know that our late congressman victor has an own authored book. I want to have a copy of it but how can I secure one? It’s me Padli the very active bolgger in this post hehehe

  35. I was once a student and youth leader way back in 2001, I represented the late congressman victor in various student and youth debate about politicians in mountain province during political seasons. Although I knew that he didn’t know me personaly. But he knew my father because he was his right hand in tadian

  36. Hi Mr.Padli. Guten Tag or Good Day. Very great! Of knowing you through Internet. Thank you very much for your strong moral support in this blog. And the support you rendered to the late congressman. He is gone but MEMORIES REMAIN. I thank you and the people of MP, who in one way or another worked and cooperative to him improve our province. The achievements was belittled as we read in these blogs but it is always so, CRITCIS, remain as part of our life.
    My compliments too, to the person (IBOONDOCK) who opened and authored these blogs. I guessed we learned from these blogs.

    Regarding the said book, it was authored by persons who knew the late congressman. The few first issue was released last year and was given to persons concern for any comments and corrections before finality. We are moving in the manner of “stepping stone.” And I think not advisable to publish in Internet.
    However, I am visiting our country yearly. Maybe we have the chance to see each other.
    Again, Thank you and God Bless. Let`s go on and look forward. Lolita

    I used to visit the country yearly. And maybe we have the chance to see each other.

  37. to Lolita Perschbacher

    Yea, Im so glad for your reply. Im always be very willing to see you if there’s a chance, for me no problem because im really an igorot boy who roams around in the igorot hinterlands. Yap, let the late beloved congressman be our guardian angel as he used to be. He has uplifted the image of the igorots in our nation in a silent manner, compared to others who instead of helping the igorots associate themselves to the manila people, took advantage of using the igorots to enrich themselves.
    Some of them were like the kindest person asking help from Sir Victor just to get key positions in the government, consequently Sir Victor granted their ambitions but in the end they turned out to evil and closed their eyes on these good deeds by late congressman to them. I presume they are so glad for Sir Victors demise, but they didn’t know that they were left behind to continue making a sin.
    We will just pray that Sir Victor will be there praying for us. God bless.

  38. Any Lamen or Hora fanatic will articulate what you are saying. Lolita, your one-sided opinion on the late congressman is understood, but you haven’t really came with an answer to one blogger here, who simply questioned where did his wealth came from? We all know how much a congressman makes. Just look at the Baguio congressman? Now, he is very rich! Gloria Arroyoy’s son is all of a sudden very rich with a $1.3 million house in the Bay Area (San Mateo County).

  39. To trueblue:

    Be very careful with your words, wealth? what wealth are you referring too. Tell me. Before Congressman victor became congressman, he already had those properties that he and his family has now. Before he entered politics, he was a very successful businessman. And then became a national contractor. I really admire the late congressman victor because he is so humble. All congressman in congress have known him to be the most humble congressman who stood in the hall of congress.

  40. I agree with anonymous 2-19-08, his assessment is factual. Padli, don’t turn a blind on corrupt politicians coz maybe you’re a recipient of Victor’s money.

  41. One sided or not I remain to my opinion. I don`t comment to any body whom I don`t know. Regarding the assets of the late congressman, he has his own assets when he join the politics.

    Why the one concern did not pursue his assessments while the congressman was still alive. He might have persuaded the MP people electing him as there representative.

    Logo, When the Arroyos have Millions. The Madam President is still there who can answer any complain.

  42. Any person has it’s own assets, how small or big is the question. If you made some of your fortune as small time contractor, then why are the roads leading to MP still in despicable condition. He certainly was part of it as a contractor and as a long time trapo, year in year out, where did those millions targeted for the roads gone to. Open your eyes wide-open to the horrendous condition of our own Mountain Province.

    The Delson’s of Guinzadan are a very close friend of mine especially Rafael.

  43. Big or small constractor. But he have assets. Yes! I am opening my eyes wide enough. I used to pass in the horrendous. I can see the difference before and now. If you are of the target of the millions, where were you before while the congressman was still alive. He governed the province for how many years. Why did you not clarify with him? ? ? ? ?

    It`s okay if you are befriended with a MAJOR. Yes! THE DELSON`S ARE VERY POPULAR IN GUINZADAN. The Guinzadan people knew better about your friend.

  44. to Lolita Pushbutton and her alter ego Padli,reality check please!The fact that Dominguez was a trapo and corrupt during his tenure was too noticeable that only a “kabagyan” or a recipient would fail to acknowledge.

  45. See how you got sucked into my web!? Just the mere mention of the Delson’s and now you’re rattling incoherent issues with my friend. By the way, he retired as Brigadier General and also he’s not a politician who has a pork barrel year in and year out he siphons! He rose from the ranks without the benefit of PMA but he was smart enough to achieve what he had accomplished in life.

    Wonder why Junifer, the late solon’s nephew has not a whole lot of good things to say about him.

  46. TrueBlue you reminded me of Lamen. Late 1970s I joined the team. With doc. from Manila, we investigated the notorious Tax payers. Sorry! Was our job. Went to Sagada, on the way we made a vantage view of the Mansion of the Governor, beautiful. Back in Bontoc, the first thing we did is to take a shower to free ourselves from dust. Sagada, a nominated town of religious, educated, business people, even tourist destination. Why the old timer politician in that town did not improve his roadway? He has also car.

    Hora, we thank him that he erected a hospital in the north. So the patients are not being rush to Bontoc or Sagada hospital. Hora, was loved by the people, but I heard his wife loved more the broom,than the visitors.

    Mid of 1960s it was a sensational banwagon. Guinzadan, headquarter of Teofilo Pilando Sr. Tadian for Hora. When Hora passby Guinzadan, he waved his hands with gentle smile. We did the same. At the last Pilando was defeated by Hora, was re-elected as congressman. It was a knock-down to us. But we let the candles burning to further light our way for future`s success. And it is so.

    Few years ago, I spotted in Internet the posted assets of politicians. The assets of V. Dominguez, a long time pol. almost tally with the assets of new comer pol. Why the people concern did not post through their assessment and settle down irregularities? While the trapo-corrupt still alive.

    Jan. 2007, was a guest of the mayor of Sabangan. One asked; “Why the congressman often cursed through our handys” The answer; “Most Anglicans do that.” The “Pet Project” of the cong. was shown to us. At first I blamed the cong. But got the nerve to make traces. Later, I learned there was series of court proceedings between the people of Lengey and the Anglican congregation. Pol. and non-pol. are guided by our laws and justice goes to who deserve it.
    The mayor told me, it was his 3rd term. He was aspiring to run as governor but his cousin was also aspiring. I don`t like to fight against manong Harry. Good! I said; “How about Board Member?” I will see he said.

    Alas, on 2-8-08, the congressman died. The grief, misery and shame. The family splitted. During the celebration of rites, I asked the elders of Sabangan; “Why you allowed Jup. stood as antagonist to his uncle?” They said; “We were weak, the Anglicans were strong.”

    Later, I came across to this blog. Thanks for the condole. Sorry, for the reproachs, it should have been agreed and disagreed while the person concern still alive. Then the inhumanity. Some co-Igorots mishandled their dead. KARMA, Don`t know what you are mourning for, Good riddance, is VERDAMMT BITTER TO SWALLOW. I was tempted to voiced out too, my opinions. One-sided, Alter ego or what??? ES MIR EGAL. I have said, what I wanted to say and I have nothing to CONCEAL:

    Commentator of 2-16-08, which was the B.D of the late cong. Please read again your comment.
    May I quote from one of the columnist in a widely circulated newspaper in Baguio City.
    Why is it that we do not mourn his passing? That`s the problem when you stay too long. Instead of shedding tears, thy say Good Riddance.

    Sorry, for my overreacted reply.

    Please read further

    He leaves Mountain Province with barely a few months into his latest term. Now that he is gone, his constituents will feel the void. He had been there far so long that people sometimes took for granted. Some even begrudged him for it. Now we expect they will realize that looking for someone who can serve just as well would be difficult.

    Most people knew Vic as a congressman and a politician. We had the privilege to know him differently. We knew him as a friend.
    Atty. Pablito Sanidad, Columnist, Baguio Midland Courier.

    Read further

    Congressman Dominguez was a happy man whose robust laughter resounded loud and clear anywhere. He was gracious, gallant, and generous to a fault. He shared his political harvest with several institutions. If Victor was your friend, you knew you had a friend. He was known to his attention and deep affection for his family and, unlike big politician or politicians acting like they were big, he was a doting grandpa to his grandchildren, a caring father to his children and loving husband to his wife, Josie.
    While Victor Dominguez was dispensable like all of us, he is irreplaceable. Nobody could be like him. He is one of a kind. His shoes would be difficult to fill. It can be said that he is truly the father of the modern Mountain Province. He was wise enough to discover the great possibilities of his fast expanding province and moved to realize them. More importantly, he was one who believed that education is the key to progress and growth. He did not built flyovers and arches and cement pine trees, he built schools, not only beginner`s schools but schools of higher learning. He also supported the highest number of scholars to these schools and made it an activity to preserve the art and culture of his people.
    Editorial, Baguio Midland Courier.

  47. From Galmany to e-sabangan.
    Hi! Alter freund. Lolita Pushbutton and alter ego Padli, has nothing to C O N C E A L: The facts, you know that your kailian a trapo-corrupt. Why you did not correct him. You are also at fault of the misery.


    Great! your friend is a retired B.G. pala. congrats. Let him out of the topic. Not part of the ongoing. He knows himselves better.

    Leave the solon`s nephew alone. He mishandled his own flesh and blood. Pity that billy boy.

    Yes! I know you are the… in this web. Where is the fairness of the moderator? Shall we go on discuss the moral brutality of us Igorots? The world is laughing at us.

  48. Yes! I know you are the… in this web. Where is the fairness of the moderator? Shall we go on discuss the moral brutality of us Igorots? The world is laughing at us. – LP

    I’m only here to keep this blog alive and well and to debunk statements of people like you who can’t seem to see the truth in all of these.

    Bill Bilig the moderator will only tell us to agree and disagree – he’s as fair a referee as you can see.

    Again, the moral brutality doesn’t only pertain to us Igorot but to any one like yourself who defends someone whom the majority of people in MP knew who didn’t really care for all of them BUY all those who chummied up to him, his relatives, and friends like the lawyer who wrote good things of him.

  49. BUY should be BUT above.

    With regards to Lamen, Hora, and Pilando; They all got rich and I never cared for all them as well as the late VD.

    The crux of the matter is: the hardworking people of MP knew full well there were not really a sincere
    commitment by the above politicians to improve the province, just look at the roads, schools, and the water system. Some don’t even have electricity even to this day. Sure they will build hospitals or schools, and improve the livelyhood in their own
    town but neglect the rest coz you didn’t win the election in their community? That’s pure evil as you can!

    When all is said and done, the cross you and I have to carry rests on two points: 1. you defend someone who utterly didn’t a lot of good things for his people (except kabagyans as one blogger would articulate, and close friends) 2. I, on the other hand will call out someone who is corrupt, relative or friend. That’s our big difference. I will carry a lighter cross than you.

  50. Now,I wouldn’t be as “articulate”as Mr.TruBlue as I can’t express what I really want to say clearly and easily in German;but then,I wouldn’t admit to be caught with my pants down losing my thoughts in translation as Pushbutton’s.My opinions are fair as anybody else’s two cents here.Just because my impression of your hero doesn’t run parallel as yours,that doesn’t make me a bad Igorot.Again,REALITY CHECK!

  51. My friends, isn’t it that when we judge a leader our very first critiria is his/her accomplishment, next to that is their attitude? In the very first place, or even in the municpality of natonin alone, can you pinpoint a single post that was built by lamen or pilando before he became congressman? nothing? the municipality had its first taste of infra projects when Victor dominguez became congressman. Now attitude, who among these congressman (Lam-en, Pilando, and Dominguez) who was heard and criticized to be a womanizer.

  52. To Anonymous, Igorotak or TruBlue,

    Ps Lonely HALLOWEEN; Have you got the right mask??? It`s only YOU, carrying the cross you tinkered.

  53. Loli yuhuuu!!?? Glad you finally found your black robe, hat, and your broom. What poison have you concocted in your dungeon this time. Please share with us.

    Defending thieves makes someone a thief nonetheless!
    My cross will always be lighter than yours, there’s no circumventing that notion.

  54. I think Pussybutton is running short on tall tales ’bout her kabagyan’s grandiosity ta ni,all she has now is a query and an accusation.Apay ngay?Why?Bakit?Warum?Election is just around the corner,the people of Mountain Province need your PLATITUDES to remind them of what corruption really is.

  55. From Galmany to e-Sabangan:

    Really Check! Absurd! The forlorn hope have turned out to defamation up to lenghty discussion. Where is here the fair opinion? The 100 centavos worth is devalued because incompetent to face the situation. If you were fair: “Why? Your community the labyrinth of fracas that, insighted insipidity talks.” If you are a truly e-Sabangan, then you are, a recipient of the Late Congressman Victor Dominguez. You are enjoying the little comfortabilities he left. You cannot cover your face. And HÖR AUF DIESE AFFEN THEATER:

    The TWO CENTS here, are as cheap as they are. But! Very practical. They valued those little things, which maybe not valuable in your eyes. They have voiced out their opinions basing on the actuality, that are very obvious in the eyes of the people.

    MEYAW! Pussybutton, have not run-out of tall tales. If you like, I will tell you some more tales. It all happened in Sabangan, the home of Theologian and Politicians. Once upon the time, they went to pray and play in the so called “Pestowan. Enda et tenegman, et sya san enda nan-iibawan.” They quarreled. The Theologian said; “Church.” The Politician said; “Gym.” The Bischop said; “Pet Project.” The people said; “Play-house, pan-ay-ayaman.”

    I have seen Sabangan, great improved. New Municipal Town Hall, widen concrete road and subways, they have GYM and the Historical Pestowan, stand at the side. Where is here the problem? You have both: The GYM and the Pestowan. I know, the late congressman have proposed a compromise regarding that Pestowan conflict, but it was rejected by the people concern. Why obstinacy? Egoism? That ended to SARCASM. It happened in Sabangan. WARUM??? Warum ist die Banana Krumm? Because you are Krumm. TROTZDEM: FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!

    Pussybutton have 4 sharp eyes. Keep eyeing on you…
    Lächerlich, Galmany Pussybutton

  56. sa wakas tumahimik rin ang mga taong walang magawa. this is my first time to read such stupid stuff. tulad ng isang comment na nabasa ko you can not judge a person until na makasama mo sa bahay. kung hearsay lang walang kuwenta.

  57. hmm,lollipop of germans, I think that the thing that translate your thoughts from sinabangan to english is broken;or probably your computer is corrupted.I honestly had a hard time grasping whatever you wished to put through.Anyways,for the record:NOT ALL people from sabangan were recipient of his money.whatever I enjoy now came from the taxes that I diligently paid the government for forty something years.It’s that small “batit” that made it to Mt.Prov. after greedy politicians took off their cut that makes me live easier these days.
    The short story you told was enlightening even if the thoughts were scattered.maybe it could be true;Who knows.The gym should have been the better option in my humble opinion of course.So that they could play happily ever after.
    Again, my two-cents stays and they are as fair as yours…And Jups and his crusade.

  58. From Galmany to e-Sabangan. GATHER YOUR THOUGHT CORRECTLY. And then explain yourself better and clear, so that everybody can understand you.

  59. In 1986, then young Sean Penn was the lead star to a great, true story about all the lies of his brutal father who would kill anyone, including Sean Penn who gets in his robberies and murderous crimes. The movie was “At Close Range”.

    If I remember correctly, the soundtrack music of this movie was “Live to Tell”. At the closing minutes of the movie, Sean Penn whom his father thought was killed by his henchmen, had all the chance to exact revenge and kill his father BUT opted to face his heinous father in court to EXPOSE ALL HIS LIES and see him rot in prison for life.

  60. To e-Sabangan from Galmany

    Apay ngay, Bakit, Why, Warum??? You challenged me broke my simple english. Yet you are hard up grasping my points.

    Don`t worry. It`s not that “Rude Remarks,” as e-Sabangan could do. Pushbutton, Pussybutton, lollipop of germans from Galmany, MAY tolerate your sinabangan “Ino-onse.” All I want here is to impugn. With the MOTTO: AGREE OR DISAGREE AND MAYBE STUDY:

    Indeed, if you were a diligent Tax Payer, for forty something years, then you are old enough to grasp, what is moral. I may appreciate your commentaries here. But! To attack a defendless dead is coward.

    You have posted here that; “YOUR LIFE IS EASIER TO THESE DAYS, AFTER GREEDY POLITICIANS TOOK OFF THEIR CUT: Aha! e-Sabangan, Anonymous??? It`s a GOOD RIDDANCE. Hope you are satisfied and NO NEED to further discuss here.

    Jup`s CRUSADE was the deliberance of broken dream. The conspired, allured, power greed, taking advantage of the POPULAR NAME. Could it still be UPHOLDED? It`s all depend on the wise decision of the people.

    SORRY, if you were not a recipient of the late congressman, your “kailian.” Maybe it was really not necessary for you. But the others. MONEY IS NOT ALL: He left a legacy for the majority people. Maybe someday your own grandchildren. “No mampay adda nagkuranga na. Dakayo ti mangpun-no.” Nobody is perfect.

    Foreign journalist tourist DID NOT ERR, on their Flashed News Reports. One I saw, was the dancing police in Bontoc, directing the busy traffic. The reporter said; “Bontoc, on the way to Banawe, the police have hands-full to do, while those people comfortably seated.” Really, on the roadside under the big tree direct before the stairway to capitol, people were seated. Was inspired to see my folks and the flourishing capital province Bontoc. Not to forget the “Pababa, pangato, karagkad lover`s lane old bridge. Is now a concrete straight bridge.

    For clarity, your predictions is a calumny. And to tell a lie here, is not necessary. My COMPUTERS are NOT CORRUPTED. 2 sets are GAVE-AWAYS of German family friends. The 3rd latest model was a x-mas gift from my husband. Almost 30 years ago, I left our sombre province, due to marriage. It took me 3 months to clear-up myself from work and responsibilities. July 1980, I freely left the country with only 20 kilos luggage & plane ticket bought and left by my husband.

    While far, far away, I did not turn my back to my folks & country. I luckily have the chances visiting the place where I came from. I have seen the “stepping stone” development of our dear Mt. Province. The infrastructure was in bloom. Have seen people sought the help of their congressman.

    My younger brother was fascinated & wanted to join as sub-contractor on infra-projects. With siblings cooperation, he bought a Haul-Truck, but neither NOT GIVEN the chance. The yearn taste of the million was only AN ELUSIVE DREAM.

    The late congressman have berated; “Ta am-amed san udom. You don`t go hungry anyway. Better concentrate on your farm works.” FARMER REMAIN FOREVER, THE BACK BONES OF THE NATION. Money is not all.

    The very generous fatherly guidance and concerns of the late Congressman Victor Dominguez, we are VERY VERY THANKFUL. Now, that he is gone SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW, have NOTIONED THAT: MATERIAL THINGS MAY COME AND GO, WHILE CLEAN CONSCIENCE REMAIN:


  61. Hi Lolita,

    I want to make friend with you. Would you mind to give me your email so that I can introduce myself to you. Thank you.

  62. i dont know what he did and what he did not for most of the people to hate him that much… well as they sad he’s dead now… throwing stones to him will not change anything at all… “or will it change anything” why dont we just move forward… one mistake cant be corrected by ranting into something that cant be undone… what ever we say here we cant change the fact that its already done and its time to move forward… i just wish that everybody who think they know everything can really share thier part in changing our place into a better place…. he did something wrong that is for sure but can you honestly say that he did not do anything good for us??


    High tuition fee, no school facilities, and no good professors. These are some problems why students become activist. We want our demands to be given by the school or by the government. What ways can we do for them to hear our cry? Protests maybe? I think not.
    Many students get hurt and even die because of rallies and protest against the officials of our country. Why? Because we think that they would listen to us if we make a scene and catch their attention. Is this really the only solution we can think of? Shouldn`t we be good participants instead? The government may not be perfect (Who is?) but I think that they are doing their best to alleviate those problems. Who would want to be protested upon anyway?
    What is being an activist like? Let`s put it this way, they`re like dogs barking and chasing cars when the driver has no intension to run. Sometimes, it`s so much easier to react than to think. When something goes wrong, we tend to exaggerate a lot-make a mountain out of a molehill. More often than not, it is always the other person`s fault, never ours. We start blaming others, when we could have started thinking of solutions-as if our protest could help solve the predicament or as if our angry responses could help stop the problem. I mean, who voted for unacceptable? We should always know both sides of the story.
    On the other hand, it doesn`t mean that wre have to be apathetic about what`s happening around us. It doesn`t mean that we just have to sit there and be total spectators. A good play deserves a good cheer and a fault deserves a resounding “boo!” More importantly, we should all be part of the solution, not agents in aggravatting the problem.
    Wake up, students should just concentrate on their studies, get good grades, make their parents proud and participate in organizations that would help them become better citizens of the Philippines and maybe even better leaders. We should be more concerned in preparing ourselves as the next generation of our country.

    Spoken Out by John Marcelino. Baguio Midland Courier.

    I found this opinion, GENIAL. LP

  64. To layden: Thanks of making friend with me. I like also to make friend with you. How about we do it this way, blogging …

    To Jenny D: It is not to deny that everybody makes wrong. And sorry if he did not do good for you. But! The time is not yet over. There`s a saying; Today is yours, tomorrow shall be mine.


    State father was loved and was hated
    Lone Mt. Prov. he longly represented
    The henchmen remain to him faithful
    His coddled kin, became baneful

    Due to dare-devil power greed
    They tantrum and chicanered
    With those phalanx they conspire
    So to fulfill their bold desire

    While he was still on the throne
    Still young, you may have it soon
    Why not be patience and good behave?
    The old aging state father had plead

    Kin extort! It`s now or never
    Or else we kick you in the corner
    State father sighed and asked; “why?”
    The henchmen were mystify

    Jejune was only a Marionette
    Of those forsaken V I P cliques
    The unspared demand, they reprimand
    So they needed those ninny yes men
    Together they antagonize
    The henchmen were surprise

    Fuddy-duddy yes men blurt on the hustings
    On the gaggle the listeners were gawping
    The year two thousan seven electors
    Still gave the throne to their Victor

    State father Victor, was tired and weary
    He must rest in the land of Glory
    On February eight, two thousan eight
    Friday PM he snapped his last breath
    Hosanna! In the highest
    He is free from distress

    Henchmen adored him with flower wreaths
    The wagging fawn speculated to be the next
    When it comes to politics, it is normal
    But! Pleaseeee without scandal

    Ladies and gentlemen, good day
    I am greeting you from far far away
    Today is February eight, two thousan ten
    Still this webside is open

    Spare your precious time and re-read
    What the active bloggers here have posted
    So to learn the both sides story
    Maybe you are a very good jury

    People of Mt. Prov. remain awake
    Time again for you to elect
    Wisely put up a good leaders
    Hopefully they do much better

    HAPPY VALENTINE! Yours truly, lolly

  65. Hello everyone. the late congressman dominguez’ term is to end this june 30, 2010.. and i am very glad to inform this blog that almost all the bills he submitted in the first days of the 14th congress, that was- when he was still alive, has come to fruition. . . Thanks to the constant follow-up and attendance during deliberations of his betterhalf. I shall update u again as soon as i get the exact data from congress.

  66. Hi, how is the late Congressman related to the Dominguez’s of Bauko/ Benguet? sorry i do not have the book with me but if you could give me a short summary of it, it will be highly appreciated. Thank You

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