News Bits and Quick Links

* A kidnapping attempt in Baguio fails when the would-be victim, a seven year old boy, outsmarts his abductors. [Sunstar]

* Suspect in the 2007 murder of a four year old girl in Lubo, Kibungan is arrested by police authorities. [Sunstar]

* Regarding the caretaker nonsense we blogged about earlier, here’s a quote attributed to an unnamed businessman: “Domogan, Agyao karuprupa da Dominguez”. Rough translation: They are all alike. [Nordis Blog]

* The towns of Alfonso Lista, Mayaoyao, Aguinaldo, Lamut and Lagawe all in Ifugao might have their power cut off despite the fact that the province generates electricity for the rest of the country. [Philippine Star]

* A quote from Ifugao Governor Teddy Baguilat in relation to the news above: “It is ironic that (Ifugao hosts) one of the biggest hydroelectric plants in the region, yet we don’t get electricity from Magat. We have to tap (our electricity) from Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya which makes (the cost of) our electricity higher, yet the water comes from us.” [Philippine Star]

* The Northern Dispatch reports that nursing schools in the Cordilleras have a better passing rate than their counterparts in the Ilocos. [Nordis]

2 thoughts on “News Bits and Quick Links”

  1. >>Domogan, Agyao, karuprupa da Dominguez<<: Let’s not be quick to the draw here on Mr Agyao, he’s just elected. Nangurakot na ba? Just be vigilant whether his mansions are sprouting all over the place, hehe..

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    You make a good point. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. After all he’s unlike both Domogan and Dominguez in the sense that he’s just starting his political life. Thanks.

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