Things That Make You Go, "Hmmm"

What kind of country has the Philippines become such that an ad like this appears in Craigslist?

I was like, dude, you’re looking for a maid. What’s “prettiness” got to do with it? Does a maid have to be pretty before she knows how to clean your house? Or to cook adobo? Or to wash your dirty underwear? Seriously. What’s up with that requirement?

One would think that the ad placer, being an American, would be sensitive to this kind of work-related discrimination but I think sensitivity to this kind of thing gets thrown out of the window when one lives in the Philippines. After all, Filipino employers do look for people with “pleasing personality”.

And here’s another Craigslist post that made me go, “hmmm”. A foreigner likes it here in the Philippines,

Because he can live like a king in Baguio.
Wow. The. Life. Maybe. I. Should. Be. Jealous?

2 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go, "Hmmm"”

  1. There’s quite a few retired Europeans/Americans in Pinas, as we all know. I’ve even met some of them in Baguio. Can’t blame them. Their money can go a long way versus Europe or US. It’s kinda odd though that while Pinoys are leaving Pinas, Westerners are arriving in their place to stay.

    Regarding the ad, kawawa nga kung ma-reject yung applicant kasi hindi pretty-enough. hehehe. I had to look at the ad in craigslist to read the entire description, and to me, it’s unclear whether a foreigner or a Pinoy wrote the ad kasi Pinoys also like to discriminate, di ba?

  2. On your topic “the pretty young English speaking maid”- you asked:”What’s “prettiness” got to do with it?

    Hey! Which one would you rather see serving you at breakfast: an ugly looking maid, or a nice looking, curvaceous maid?

    C’mon, Bill. Have Life!

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