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* I suppose this is investigative journalism? I admire PCIJ but that post was quite underwhelming. Like it’s news that we fight the cold by “wearing several layers of clothes”? In fairness, the pictures look great. [PCIJ]

* A tragic accident cost the life of Canadian Otto Unsinn who fell down when walking en route to his wife’s village in Balbalan, Kalinga. [Voice of Kalinga]

* Pukengkeng has a “haynaku” poem about homecomings which you should read. [PLF]

* Belated happy women’s day especially to Lovelyn who explains what Italians mean when they say “Peste le donne”. [Raconteur]

* Does your pastor love your money more than your soul? This man believes that they do. [W Todcor]

* Gerry Alanguilan has a post on an Ifugao story serialized in Hiwaga komiks back in the 1950s. Read it here. [Komikero]

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